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Decided to give a try to Opening Stage theme  from Megaman X, which is one of my favorite piece ever. I planned to go with an old funky 80's series vibe. Doesn't sound too bad as of now, though there's still a lot of work to do.


What do you guys think ?



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The arrangement goes in some neat directions - it sounds like it merges a bit of MMX2's intro stage toward the end, which works pretty well. It really sounds like you're trying to fit a great deal of ideas in this, which unfortunately the track can't fit. The mix is pretty muddy, especially when you start adding new instruments at 1:34. There's only so much space you have to work in; if you add too much, either you'll have clipping, your limiter will cut out or you'll experience overcompression (which is the case, here).

The soundscape is pretty static, too. You utilize the same instruments through most of the track (save for the addition of a new synth at 1:34), so the listener gets tired of that soundscape before long. Don't use all of your tools at once for the entire track; cut a few instruments out from time to time, play with different combinations, etc., and only really have everything going when you must. This will also have the added bonus of helping clean up the mixing, too.

If you were to submit it, it's likely be stopped at the inbox due to production issues (the mixing & overcompression issues mentioned above). Bypass whatever limiters and compressors you have over your master, turn things down until you don't have clipping and work your mix up from there. Also, pay attention to make sure you don't use all of your instruments for the same purposes throughout the entire song, as that makes the arrangement tiring to listen to. The human ear craves variety, after all!

Hope that helps!

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Okay, first of all, thank you for taking the time to review my work, I was craving for feedback and I'm not disapointed !

The points you bring I agree with, and I can see those problems. That's a lot of things to change and work on, but that's okay since i have new guidelines to follow while fixing this piece. You can be sure i'll be back with a new fixed and improved version.


Btw, that's the first track i'm getting feedback on, and i'm really grateful you guys do this !

Back to work then !


Have a nice day/evening/night/whatever ;)



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Hey guys,


So following the advice of mighty Gario here, I've been cleaning up and adding variety to my work, trying to make it less muddy and boring. I think i'm getting the hang of it but i'm not happy yet with the ending, it sounds strange at times (not sure if it's the melody or the mixing tho) and its still quite muddy.

Still wanted to share it though so feel free to comment !



Thanks for listening :)


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Your album art reminds me of Time Exposure by Stanley Clarke.

As for the sound, I think the lead instruments are too pronounced compared to the drums and bass. The reverb sounds like a small garage, and there is maybe too much? The arrangement is alright, but the sound leaves something to be desired.  Just my two cents.

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