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  1. Congrats to the winners ! Love how the votes were so different for everyone ! And thank you Dex for the advice, will make sure to put it to good use in the future
  2. Voted ! Nice work guys, was a fun round to listen to.
  3. I don't know about it, but now I feel like i must play this
  4. Wait Hoboka, isn't that character called Metroid? (Just trolling)
  5. Alright i'm pretty much done, just gonna take my time and add some polish before i submit tho
  6. This is an awesome source alright, gonna try to come up with something in time
  7. Hey thanks for the heads up ! Actually i've heard the FF3 boss theme a few times, but am not that familiar with it. It's a great track tho so i'll take that as a compliment. If anything i've been trying to follow some guidelines (bringing structure, giving a sense of urgency, etc) to tell a story through the music. Not really familiar with the old school FFs (let's say my range of influence starts from VI). Thanks for your comment !
  8. Hey guys, Here's a piece of music i composed that could fit a retro rpg's final boss theme. I'm using actual drum samples (easily replaceable with 8 or 16 bit sfx) and 3xOsc as a limitation, to keep that retro feel and improve using synths! Would love to know what you guys think !
  9. Wont submit after all, i started working on other projects and am giving all my free time to it for now Still a cool tune tho.
  10. I'm loving this one even though i didn't have the chance to play the game back in the day. It's really fun to listen to.
  11. Hey guys, seeing that this one seems to bring lots of discussion, and that i haven't been updating lately, I would like to give some heads up. I've been working on a very different version of the song for some time now, and am not happy with the result. I think i've gone too far from my previous work. As such, I will go back to the one i got here and start over hoping to find a way to improve the actual song instead of just shooting myself in the foot. Thing is I love participating in the community stuff here at Ocremix so i'm also doing some work for the MnP and PRC competitions, and while it sure is a good learning experience and it helps me improve, it takes some time away from my work on this piece, so it's probably going to take some time until i sort things out to get to the level i want. Would love to submit this in the future, but i understand it doesn't really fit the requirements of the panel, at least in the current version, though i don't want to go to far away from the style and arrangement i had in mind. And again thank you all for the support and reviewing, i'm still pretty green and hope to improve, and the feedback really helps with motivation and having a good mindset. Sorry btw if i repeat myself a lot, english not being my native language, I will probably make some mistakes here and there ! Cheers !
  12. Yup i'm happy we got so many submits. Proves we can still keep this board lively . Btw, want to apologize to everyone as I tend to forget voting, which is a bit scummy since what we all want is feedback. Will try to be careful about this next times. Oh and btw i don't really like the fact that i get double vote points since i'm not really that good myself, why would my vote be double? Just my opinion though, not trying to raise a argument
  13. Oh sorry about that, my bad there. Hope you can put something up on time with Hoboka's midi :/
  14. I'm working on it too, just taking my sweet time
  15. Oh crap didn't see it was covered already, sorry about this Edit: I got something planned for this one at least even if it's just a bonus mix (will try to participate both MnP and PRC this week anyway since i've got time)
  16. Oh man how shameful is this " After several attempts, Shid0 got his first win. He got it for free since no other participants appeared. " Made me chuckle tho.
  17. Oh god, thanks for the replies guys. And wow timaeus that must have taken quite some time to write/analyze. Thanks a lot for taking your time to go in such details. DRUMS That shouldn't be too hard to work on (hopefully ^^). Indeed i didnt really dig them much yet and will obviously have to. SYNTHS That one is going to be tricky, i'm pretty much a beginner. The way i approached this is searching for presets i like in the VSTs i own, and tweaking them to my tastes. I'm not really good at creating a sound from scratch yet. But that's definitely something i'll keep an eye for in the future. Guess i'm in for some heavy tutorial reading/watching ! STRUCTURE I'm going to set a structure from the start so i can have objectives to hold on to and try to keep close to it while also try to find more free interpretation of the base melody. For the conservative point, it's an issue i'm aware of. The thing is I usually love the base source and try to keep it's "soul" and usually that ends up in me not going far enough with the melody and arrangement. But i'm working on it Thanks again everyone. Back to work !
  18. Here we go, posted my take on Luigi's Mansion. Not very MnPesque i think but I had a blast arranging this piece and learned a lot while doing it so i hope you guys enjoy it
  19. Almost done cooking something for this one (Luigi's Mansion Theme), though i won't be there this week end and i want to work on it a bit more so i'll probably submit on monday.
  20. Okay following Jorito's advice, i reworked my mix to get a better sound out of my snares and better sound all around. Tried a bit of glitching too but not too much. Oh i'm also putting my mp3 on mediafire from now on since i don't really like how it sounds on soundcloud.
  21. Alright, Thanks a lot for the really quick advice, Jorito, i'm happy you like it. Iindeed the snare gets really weak at times, I just fixed that. About the glitching, it's something i have to experiment on, but I think it could sound really cool, and it would fit in the frame I have for the song alright. I'm just not really experienced with it so i'll need to experiment on it for a while. The ending tho i'm not sure i'll change, i like it that way personally Cheers !
  22. Hello fellow remixers, Here is my take on well-known Kefka's Theme from FF6. At first I thought it would sound a bit spooky for halloween, then I started experimenting and thus went for a more spacey ambient sound. I liked where it went so here I am. I would love some feedback and reviewing on this track. Hope you guys enjoy it ! Edited: Reworked version