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"Shaded Land of Funk" -The Dark World Funk remake

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Hey fellow Star Fox album compatriot. 

Think you have a great idea to build off, but you have some work to do.

First off, everything is very far back in the mix. Doesn't feel like there is much depth at all. The lead instruments need to be brought to the foreground more.

You said you only used Morphine, but I'd try looking through some of the other VSTs to try and introduce some other complementary sounds. 3xOSC is a good one. The instrumentation needs a tad more variety.

The arrangement is very by-the-numbers. Very little difference from the progression of the original track, and when you do throw in some variatuon it sounds more like incorrectly played notes in a cover. Work on really trying to make the song your own. Chords are repetitive,  so try and add some different fills there.

Lastly, the song is really short. To be honest this should probably be tagged a WIP and not Ready for Review. No idea if you are intending to submit this, but it'd probably be automatically kicked back to you. If this is just for fun then cool, though it could still use a bit more. :P

Sorry if this seems like too much. Like I said, I think you have a solid nugget to build on, but you'll just have to let it cook some more. Good luck. :)

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If you're not planning on submitting the track, then please don't mark it for Mod Review. That's a tool to help people get an idea of how it'll fare on he panel without needing to wait however long it may take, but if too many people mark their tracks just to get a review it exhausts the mods on here, leaving people who actually need it for its intended purpose without the tools to do so. Mark it as a WIP to get the attention of other users on here, or mark it as finished if you're simply sharing your music.


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