Misspellings in Star Fox 2 chiptune track names

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13. Taitania

Taitania Inside

Should be Titania 


Fortune Inside

Wut. Fortuna 






Should be Andross 


65. Unused Coneria
53. Attack on Coneria
54. Coneria Fell Falls?


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If you are trying to encourage discussion on this, keep in mind that SF2 was halfway through localization before the project was canned. A lot of these are not errors, just placeholder names during translation.


Taitania is likely the Japanese phonetic pronunciation of 'Titania.' (Ta-i-ta-ni-a)

Fortune - well, I don't know what happened here. Probably a typo.

Andorf - this is actually Andross' name in the Japanese version of SF.

Coneria - also likely Japanese phonetic. (Ko-ne-ri-a)

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