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Final Fantasy Legend II battle theme (metal remix)

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What's up folks? Dex here. I've been playing live music for about 20 years but I'm pretty new to making music on a computer. I've always thought that Final Fantasy Legend II had an incredible battle theme, so I decided to learn more about computer music by remixing it! The remix is mostly in a metal style, but I change it up a bit toward the end. I'm planning on adding a little bit more to it and ending it in a metal style, but before I work on that I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on the work I've done so far. The first couple of seconds of the remix are from the overworld theme that you hear in the game right before you get into a battle, btw.

Source material (overworld theme):

Source material (battle theme): 



Current draft (Soundcloud compression damages the audio quality a bit, but I think the main ideas come through):


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The arrangement of this one is sounding really good! I actually really like the baroque-ish take at the end. I think it could really benefit from some real rhythm guitars though, particularly at the :47 mark, and bass too. It feels really lacking in low end frequency spectrum--even if you brought the bass part down an octave I think it would really help. One further thing I think could really help is some variation in the velocities of the drum hits to make it feel a little more human. Most noticeable at the end with the steady hi-hat--that gets fatiguing fast. I think the drum writing is really great, and the lead guitars give off a serious Yngwie vibe. Its coming along nicely.

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This is a pretty basic Metal remix but just interpretative enough to stand on its own. The guitar playing was really good but the rest was pretty bare-bones. The baroque flourishes at the end really sound good and I almost wish there were more of them. Good start but not quite OCremix ready (then again, I'm nowhere close to getting an entry though yet).

Keep at it man and have a nice day

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