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Super Mario World - Map Theme/Star Power Hip Hop ReMix

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This is just a rough draft but an idea I had while fiddling around with some hip hop/lo-fi sounding fonts. Feedback, ideas, if anyone wants to rap to this? I'm not done with it yet, but I'll hopefully get the full thing done soon.


Mario World - Map/Star Power Themes ReMix



Star Power



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Updating link with that lit af synth solo at the end

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Not going to lie

I was really tired

I clicked the youtube link and waited a bunch of loops through the source expecting the hip hop part to come in

You have really nice textures going, and then the source melody comes in and sets the scene really well for some rapping to happen.   Maybe DetectiveTuesday or Smooth4Lyfe could do some of that.

I could see this going with reharmonization as it goes forward.  Loop what you have a few times, then gradually introduce new harmonies.  You could use the special zone as a B section, or the star road.  Maybe use those as a chorus. 

Continue working!


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I hadn't thought of using star road or anything, that might be a good idea. I was thinking about doing reharm because of how short the source is and because of how elementary it sounds as well. That's a good idea, though, I didn't think about it quite that way, thanks for the advice!

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