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Soul Calibur 2 - History Unfolds Rock ReMix

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Alright, I can't stop with all the ideas, I'll never get anything done at this rate. I'll make this into an arrangement of History Unfolds from Soul Calibur 2, and hopefully I'll find someone to do guitar for this.


Azure Lightning Strikes (History Unfolds ReMix)


EDIT: I'm editing the drums now to make it more interesting, I know the arrangement is fairly short, but so is the source, I know the source usage here is sparse even though that part that I wrote uses the main chord progression just very very different rhytmically, I dunno hopefully this'll be good.

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Good to see someone is trying to remix a soundtrack of the Soul series.
From time to time I also work on a remix for the famous soundtrack "The Edge Of Soul" from Soul Blade - the very first installment of the series - pretty awesome tune already in the original version.

So, your track has definitely soulful stuff.
Besides the bit lifeless synth guitar stuff that deserves much more articulations (even some better VSTI- based guitar stuff and a bigger compository development of the monotone synth guitar melody could bring about some satisfiying results there) I really like the pretty clean and organic sound of the track, the nice use of the stereo panorama and the really cool synthesizer that kicks in at 0:52.

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I'm working on getting actual guitar in there, I just gotta finish arranging it and then I'll probably be able to find someone to do that, so by the end it'll have a lot more life to it, my only thoughts on that synth was that I was gonna use it as either a layer to the guitar or not, or I might just take it out entirely. As of right now, it's mostly a placeholder. I'm gonna arrange a guitar melody part, and a rhythm part, maybe 2, I've gotta figure out how I'm gonna do this. It'll be much more lively by the end, at least I'm hoping, and I'm glad you share the same concern as I do lol. If you've got any advice of arranging guitar parts, I'll take it, as I've never done it before.

Not to mention that ending section is empty because I intended that to be a solo section for the guitar.

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