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Zelda OoT - Reqiuem of Spirit


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Dark Words - MP3 Version

Dark Words - OGG Version

I've been working on this mix for the past half a year and it's gotten to the stage in which I need to incorporate lyrics from my lyricist - but unlucky for me drama erupted and I now no longer have a lyricist. So I thought i'd post it all for you all to hear, and if you think you'd be suitable to be a lyricist for it (it's more of a rap style, that's what the original lyricist wanted) give me a buzz on the forums or on IRC (under the nick of Snooper, in #vgdj).

Hope you all enjoy it.

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ok not bad...strings are kinda icky, too much going on there, and the sample quality is not very good which usually doesn't matter for rap beats but it stands out here which is saying something. when the bass enters it comes across as way too weak. it needs more punch to it. the drums don't help much either, but at least get the bass sounding stronger.

just a personal preference thing...after the break at 1:40 i was expecting the next entrance to be a lot stronger.

overall i guess just make it stronger, it has potential but right now it just lacks energy...and given the repetitive nature of hiphop beats it needs to have that energy.

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