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Yesterday, August 25th, was the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite games, Goldeneye.

I got it for Christmas as a kid, and It was the first game I ever owned. I must have played that game for hundreds of hours, both single and multiplayer, loving every minute of it.

Of course it helps that I was a huge James Bond fan, but even to this day it's one of the games from my childhood that I have the most fond memories of.

What stuck with me the most though, as the years passed by was the music. So to celebrate the games 20th anniversary I decided to "Remaster" the entire soundtrack.


I used something called N64midi tool to extract the original game midi and imported it into FL studio, that way I could perfectly match the rhythm and individual note length of each track, instead of just playing it by ear, which I'm not very good at.

It took me about three months to get this project finished in my spare time, most of the time spent mixing and carefully picking the right instruments to strike a balance between mirroring the original sound and making it sound like the tracks were recorded with real instruments. I even got so inspired that I wrote a new original track in the style of the games soundtrack.


I've uploaded the whole project onto my newly started YouTube channel, along with links to mp3 files in the description of every track. I really hope you guys enjoy my work as I have enjoyed listening to the various works posted to this site over the years.
























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This is pretty fantastic. I think the Facility and Train tracks are great examples of what a good job you've done here. That being said, sampled Electric Guitar is never really a good sound. The Dam track in particular would really benefit from live guitar. If that's something you're not able to do yourself, I could help you out. :) Also, the piano could use a bit of velocity tweaking. For example, in the Cradle track, particularly in the beginning, the piano sounds a bit lifeless. Obviously, this isn't dissimilar from how it sounded on the N64, but if you randomize the velocity (and maybe even the quantization) a bit, the track would have even more energy to it.

Great work overall!

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Thanks for your constructive criticism and thoughtful comments axalanian.

I agree with everything you said, especially concerning the guitars, I was never happy with any of them to be honest, but it was the best that I could do with the tools that I had.

if you're really serious about helping out with some live guitar I'd really love to do a collaboration! :-D

Tweaking the velocity was something I didn't do mostly out of laziness but also because I wanted to get all the songs done quickly and uploaded on the 20th anniversary of the game's launch, they also sound really quantized because I used the original 1997 game midi which was designed to be played on limited hardware.

I used the midi in order to stay as true to the original sound as possible, that is why I call it a remaster rather than a remix because I didn't change anything musically (except for on one song, and on the new original song that I wrote) I just tried to modernize it and get it to sound closer to a real recording.

I only started with any kind of music production about a year ago, and this project was a way of learning to use FL studio and improve all round, and having people like you give me useful feedback really helps, I really appreciate it!





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I don't know if I'd be able to help you out with the entire project, but I can definitely do a track or two! Why don't you send me a version of the Dam without the guitar track and I'll record a new track to go with it. Then I'll send you the isolated guitar track and you can mix it in however you like? 

If you'd like to hear some of my guitar work, I just submitted a cover of Hateno Village (BOTW) here in the forums. Give it a listen when you get a minute?

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