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OCR03624 - Dark Souls III & Demon's Souls "The Curse That Binds Us"

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03624 - Dark Souls III & Demon's Souls "The Curse That Binds Us"

If this is the way this remixer goes out (with this series), it is done wonderfully. I particularly enjoyed 2:30-2:55, and the following sections deliver the finish. It's epic orchestral to perfection!

On a larger note, Roetaka's Dark Souls series (as I've come to think of these postings) has been one of the most enjoyable out-of-nowhere surprises I can think of in all my time at this site. CONGRATULATIONS ON A WELL-DESERVED RELAXATION! I'm excited for this author's new directions and new challenges - but I have to say, couldn't be more excited that he gave such a fitting tribute to his run of dominance. Well, well, well done!

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There's a reason why I hesitate to label something as epic---it's so that I can say it for a ReMix like this! If this is the last Dark Souls ReMix you want to do, at least you blew us out of the water. 

The dense textures could have easily washed out the mix, and the choir could have felt cheesy or made this sound like any other overly straightforward symphonic piece, but you made it work. 

The apparent energy stayed fairly constant for the most part, and most of the changing dynamics were in the addition and removal of textures, rather than the variation of the core rhythm, which is probably the only critique I had about this.

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