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Not cool bro panel.

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OC ReMix is neither dying nor becoming irrelevant. We get plenty of submissions, lots of listeners, and tons of engagement on social media. Also, don't try to back up your point by speaking for other

On another news the Judge Process thread has been updated thanks to @Nutritious.  I'll try to keep it updated again.  

As can we all I know what you mean. I was a "Jack of all trades" type, but the problem was is that it's really expensive to get all the instruments or good virtual instruments to do a lot

On 11/9/2017 at 6:13 PM, DarkeSword said:

Our philosophy at OCR has always been "share your music, get feedback, and make your music better." You'll be hard-pressed to find any other art community that does that.

I've been boring people in creative fields by going on and on about OCR and that's pretty much their comment.

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Okay, so first impression of the Discord was sort of weird, but it was okay.  Idk if I came in at the wrong time or what - but I did get to talk to Meteo and Zircon, so that's cool.  Even if it was to lecture me on how much I don't know about the videogame industry (still it was fun).  Well this topic has gone well off-topic now.  I guess we can call this a close?  Full disclosure: I'll never be 100% at ease with measures and checks of the bar/panel, but I think I can abide for now.  It didn't help that I was transitioning from a different drug regiment for my anxiety etc, so old shit sort of bubbled up and made things very unpleasant for me (and for others).  Still, this discussion was pretty cool and enlightening.  Also, props to Brynolf for his awesome remix :D

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Just now, Jorito said:

Pretty much. Just visit and have a nice li'l chat. You can also enjoy the late night ravings of bustatunez and snplmn every once in a while ;)

Interesting, I legit thought that everyone had kids and shit in the last year or two and bailed on this place.

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