OCR03637 - Final Fantasy X "The Land of the Fayth"

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Seek the Palebloo-wait, sorry, I mean, within my breast, a flame aIlighteth-hold on it's a Final Fantasy mix? Is Alex okay, or does he suddenly have a doppelgänger goatee? The community is concerned. :P

as for the review part I'm not sure if there's anything else I can say about such a relaxing piece. I'm also kind of noticing a theme of postings this last week… Everything seems… Chill. Wonderful stuff.

Although I think I will add that I feel like I rediscovered Final Fantasy X's soundtrack recently in the last few years. My heart still instructs me that Nobuo Uematsu* put his best work into Final Fantasy VI, which is one of my favourite Square soundtracks tied with Chrono Trigger & Xenogears. This is also making me realize I'm old. When I checked out Final Fantasy X again something just clicked with me with all the music and I was falling in love, with Besaid being one of the standouts for me. So getting the opportunity to listen to a seasoned remixer give this treatment to the original has left me pretty damn happy.

*Note: I'm aware that Uematsu didn't work on the soundtrack solo but I totally think his influence is there

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Why is this the first remix I've ever heard of this awesome song?! Well, thanks for being the first, it's definitely a worthy tribute. One minor gripe is that the track title made me think it was a mix of the hymn of the fayth song instead, though.

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