OCR03667 - Secret of Mana "Masters of Mischief"

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What just happened?! I'm sitting on my @$$ trying to reconcile this piece with the source. Okay, so doubtlessly this is one of the most innovative/crazy takes on the SoM source you could possibly come up with. At times I really felt like I fell into Sonic The Hedgehog 2/3! But holy crap, at least listen to 1:33-2:01, which is just a wonderfully dirty run. I went back and listened to that section three times!

Overall, I have to give props even if I'm still flabbergasted how anyone came up with this - a vision outside the norm, thought, and executed... to excellence!

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Another great track from the SoM album (which I'd rate as like the 2nd best remix album on OCR). I don't recognize the source tune at all but this is still great and the hip hop lyrics are a real highlight for me.

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