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OCR00296 - Chrono Cross "Radical Punks"


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It must be quite a task to transform one of the prettiest melodies in gaming into a sweaty, spitting, tattoo-covered punk anthem. But Ailsean makes it sound effortless.

It's got that essential rawness to it that completely puts the theme out of its element, but I really think it works in its favour. There's a lot to the original composition that is revealed once you throw the basics, like tempo and context, to the wind and just hammer it. In a way, it's a good decision not to expand too much on arrangement, because the subtle, natural elements would likely get too confused, especially with the various cameos throughout. I think it could have worked, but it comes with a great risk, and I'm just glad it works as good as it does now.

Terrific job, Ailsean, wherever you may be.

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