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  1. As a wallpaper i think its great but i agree that the colour scheme just does not fit.
  2. Cool theme. Going to brainstorm ideas and hopefully get it done.
  3. Well this is now my favorite album. Great job.
  4. Uncharted 2 and Gran Turismo 5.
  5. Happy Birthday Palpable xD Have a good one.
  6. Damn i did not win Oh well better off buying then when i get the chance.
  7. Not very interested in this concept so I'm going to pass this one and wait next month. Good luck to the people doing it.
  8. Well I'm half way done. Can not wait to see what people have done lol
  9. Been playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and so far its good but i still think Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is better.
  10. I was actually going to do something from Rad Racer lol Kinda dissapointed how i handed it in like five days early and find out how i was the only person who finished:puppyeyes:
  11. Happy birthday people! Enjoy it while it lasts.
  12. Almost finished with mine, I just hope someone else is going to enter this to.
  13. Really good game. My soul level is over 160 and i am on my fourth play through so far.
  14. It was a good game i must say. I did found it funny how vivi22 tried to knife me at the beginning of the level de_aztec even though we were on the same team. I can not wait for the next event to come.
  15. Thank god i know a store where they sell American psn cards because the Australian store sucks so much.
  16. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure on the PC. Great game too.
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