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  1. Your choice of colours in my opinion are not the best.
  2. So how long is it till we can listen to this album?
  3. Funny enough when i saw this song on the site the song had just started. Well from start to finish this song is a great tune to listen to and it will be played for a long time. Great work Mr Briggs.
  4. Just out of curiosity what does that japanese text meant to translate to?
  5. That is one nice album cover if you don't mind me saying.
  6. Thankyou for remixing the song i requested. I love it too.

  7. Okay i brought this cd two years ago from my game store. When i opened this cd it came with a code. Now for ages i've been wondering what it is for. I can only think that it can be registered on the Square Enix website but can you really register cds on the Square enix members site. So can you register cds on the Square enix members website?
  8. I have to say that i really love this arrangment alot and i too hopes this would pass the judges.
  9. Wow, three sources from Legend of the Dragoon.
  10. Just wanted to say that i enjoyed your Golden Eye remix.

  11. Reminds me of the beach relaxing with fruit punch. Either way i will be listening to this for a long time. I look forward to more of your mixes sir.
  12. Oh this is just too good to be true, I loved every minute of this mix Mr D!!!
  13. I could not play FF7 because the graphics were just too bad for me to play. It was just irritating to max.
  14. Thank you for posting Death tank. I'm downloading it now so i will say what i think later.
  15. This really is a kickass song and a great collaboration. Great stuff guys
  16. Ace combat skies of deception is pretty good and Coded arms if you like First person shooters.
  17. Wow, this is pretty good. The only thing i was not fond of was the but everything else was just perfect.
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