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Game Getting Pitched at GDC! Need Music Feedback!

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This is my first game audio project (also a student project) and the client is pitching to a well known publisher at GDC this month. Now i think i've got it in a good place overall, but the anxiety bells are ringing a fair bit so i could do with some solid feedback on things.

The game is being pitched in a prototype state so i wanted to get a 3-4min loop that demonstrates the overall vibe of things. The genre is a tropical themed, competitive multiplayer, collect-a-thon, brawler type thing. Music inspiration came from games like DKC: Returns, Move or Die, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Spyro, Crash, Candy Crush (for musical type SFX), Sonic CD (US) and various Rayman games, as well as trying to add a bit of an electronic aesthetic to match the clients more recent releases.

I'm at the point of polishing but not sure if i'm looking for issues that aren't even there, so if there's anything glaringly obvious then i'd love you to tell me <3

FYI The abrupt ending is because it loops, and the semi-abrupt start is because it cuts from the menu music (on the beat) as soon as the gameplay begins.


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Oh, actual game music, would ya look at that. For what it is I think it sounds pretty solid, but you're looking for some critiques so I'll give you one or two nitpicks.

The really does scream Rayman and the like, so great work on that. I actually like some of the melodic hooks that come in from time (like at 0:58 and 1:05), but they're pretty undermixed. Melodic moments like that really sound like they could stand out more in the mix - give the listeners something to latch onto, there. For most of the track it's more like great filler (fun and fitting, but no melodic action to emphasize), but you have a few great little themes that could come out in the mix better.

To be honest, otherwise I think this is a great little tune for a playful jungle platformer - not too much else that I could hammer this for. Even without touching it I think it's in a great spot, so don't worry too much about it. Good luck with your GDC client!

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Great feedback as always, Greg, and i agree with it all. Originally i actually had the entire piece simply as filler, void of melodies because i had created a randomised playback system since the game plays as one long level that gradually increases in difficulty over time, and i didn't want the music to get too repetitive. It was all working, but the client said there's much more value in a melody that never gets old, and that i should start practicing writing said melodies now. So i stripped the whole piece apart and built it again from the ground up with new melodic content and old rhythm and harmonic ideas. It was quite last minute, so yes, the melodies aren't quite realised yet, but i'm glad to hear it's still a solid piece for a demonstration. Also glad to hear there are no issues with the low end of the mix, because that always seems to be my biggest issue.

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