New Album: Sound the Clarion Call

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Hey all! Just wanted to plug my first ever original album. You guys are probably more familiar with my remixes and arrangement work here, but I have actually been writing original music for almost 20 years. The album is called Sound the Clarion Call: A Musical Tribute to 1001 Knights. You can pick it up on OverClocked Records for $3.99!

This album is inspired by the 1001 Knights art anthology that was Kickstarted about two years ago. It's a set of three hardcover books with beautiful artwork of different kinds of knights. I was hired to write the trailer music for it and ended up putting together a full album. If you've ever enjoyed my remixes before, give this album a shot. It's a mix of new age, jazz, and classic SNES sounds. Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the fourth track from the album, The Accumulation of Knowledge.


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