2. ready for review BOY (EDM Remix) (God of War)

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Sup all!

When gamers who have played God of War 4 decided to make “Boy”, the name Kratos constantly calls his son Atreus, into a popular meme, Smooth4Lyfe decided to create a remix. Check out the EDM remix called “BOY”, which turns the voice of Kratos into a hot club pumping beat. Hope you like!


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I'm not familiar with the meme, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating this mix. This is a nice deviation from your usual style! 

For a style like this, personally, for an EDM track, your drum kick should be stronger. Sounds like some of the low end is being rolled off, or it's not being sidechained enough. Similarly, the drops around 0:43-0:46 & 2:27-2:30 are kind of weak, but this issue is probably tied with the kick not having enough oomph. 

Still, love the creativity you've shown with this mix. Good job. :)

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