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Conceptual Music Competition 3: Snow [Results]

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The number of entries again is laughable.

There will likely be even fewer votes.

This is why tomc was halted.

The number of votes is usually dependent on the number of people I ask to vote.

I guess youll win no problem then.

I actually anticipated that you'd say that. Personally, I'd rather not win. My original plan was to hold over my own piece and submit it as a bonus track. The problem was that I got inspired too early on and wrote the piece and Reaktorz0 was the only one who got his piece in on time.

That, and I never ask anyone to vote for me. Only that they vote.

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But still... :( could you wait just one week or two' date=' so we'd get at least LAOS's entry and a non-WIP song from me ?...[/quote']

I was kind of hoping to avoid extending the deadline again, as it has become somewhat of a habit.

Very well.

thanks :D

Even if it becomes an habit, as long as it allows us to get more than 2 or 3 entries, I think that's cool :)

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