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  1. Yes, you are. Fucking awesome, btw. It's my favorite of the whole thread, right now
  2. Password issue here... if you had the " character in your password, now you'll have to escape it with a \ in order to log in.
  3. thanks Even if it becomes an habit, as long as it allows us to get more than 2 or 3 entries, I think that's cool
  4. But still... could you wait just one week or two, so we'd get at least LAOS's entry and a non-WIP song from me ?...
  5. I really hope you don't want me to vote, this time... Maybe you should extend the deadline and remove the songs from the 1st post until the new deadline... This way, I could actually finish my entry, because I stopped working on it as it reached 2 minutes.
  6. I've lost any hope to see snow here before the deadline... I guess I'll have to start working on my entry anyway, but I may lack inspiration
  7. I think there was one on VGMix before it went down... I'll try and see if I can find it
  8. Unfortunately, it hasn't started to snow here, yet... I wish it started snowing... like, right now... all over the place... Anyway, bump.
  9. Hi. this is a sample request. I need a sample of background noise with lots of machines running or something, like in a factory or something like that. Does anyone here have a sample I could use ?
  10. ** Added to my "can't wait till I get a mp3 player so I can put these songs on it" list ** This is one of the most awesome remixes ever. Really nice work.
  11. wow... so much ass kickage from a so short song... Awesome. This song will be the first song I'll put on my mp3 player when I get one. I love the organ part at 1:43.
  12. I still think the best place to start is the WIP forum...
  13. cool **downloading** **downloading** **downloading** **downloading* ...
  14. No, FL's slide only works with FL plugins. The FL slide isn't supported by the MIDI standard (it's the way it's programmed). Is there another way to add a pitch bend effect to a midi with FL, then ?
  15. I have a question. When I use a MIDI channel, pitch slide doesn't work, neither does polyphony set to 1 with portamento. Is it because of my sound card or anything ?
  16. Nice work, Tefnek. This mix kicks ass.... as does the shinobi versus mix.
  17. kool ! now you just have to learn how to use THIS :