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FFVI - Dancing Mad - Kefka Theme - Piano Remix


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On 8/25/2018 at 12:19 AM, Souperion said:

The first thing I must say is: WOW. That was some mad dancing on the ivories! It's busy, but in a way that adequately captures the frenetic feel of Kefka's battle. The personal ornamentation and flairs just made it even more unique and outstanding. Well done, indeed.

Thank you so much!!! :) Yes this definitely was a difficult one to remix - I originally tried to stay close to the original but I just couldn’t capture the piece at all. So I decided to change it all up, hopefully I didn’t adapt it to oblivion lol. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for the feedback!! 

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I'm a sucker for piano solos. The transition phase was nice and dramatic. I really appreciate that the frenetic parts got the contrast of the smoother, calm segments. Which was a great element of the original. I agree with Souperion, your personal spin on this was very engaging. If you can make even more dynamics variation in the song, it could only help!

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i keep fighting on the veldt but i can never seem to get your Piano ability. dammit!!!

screw the playing, just listen to how on time all 4 parts are. that is MUCH HARDER than it seems and you are playing crazy technical stuff.

this is tight. forget that, this is amazing. i aspire to be amazing, but you actually are. 

thanks for sharing and inspiring!

you got a hard sub on this one buddy

uematsu would be proud

ps put out an album of this and it'd sell. Kiara Comparetto is doing one and it's not even her own arrangements. Love her to death don't get me wrong, just saying you have something marketable here

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