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*NO* Sonic & Knuckles 'Lava Passion' *RESUB*


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Original Decision: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3902

Well, after having the "WiP" released with Project Chaos, and finding the PM that Liontamer wrote up for me on the "(Twilight Mix)" edition I submitted oh so long ago, I decided to clean up the mix. I can't really tell if there is any clipping in it, since my ears have been wore listening to it so many times, so I apologize if there is any.

Now, the standard stuff...

-Xenon Odyssey

-Bobby Keller




-Sonic & Knuckles

-Lava Reef (cameo of Hidden Palace toward ending)

-I heard that Michael Jackson composed the music for it! How cool is that!?


-umm...in a nutshell: Lover Reef was (is) awesome, they're weren't (isn't) enough Lava Reef remixes, I made this. Project Chaos rolls around, this becomes bonus track. I try a re-vamp after rejection (Twilight Mix), it is rejected. Let it sit for 6 months, Project Chaos comes out with original as bonus track. People (and myself) say "F1NI$H THIS U N00B" so here it is.

And, I don't know if SendSpace is temporary or not, so I apologize if it is.

Just hit me up with a PM or something on the forums and I'll make a new link (or catch me on AIM and I'll send it to whoever and THEY can host it for sake of having a host).

I suppose that's it. And no worries, my sax is in tune ;)


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And no worries, my sax is in tune ;)

Is it? I swear it's out by a few cents lol. Apart from the kick sounding like it's had a bit too much reverb on it and the sax coming in a bit loud at 2.34, I thought this was great. I personally would have liked an even more liberal approach, but that's only because I know the source so well. Ending was a bit meh, but excellent sax, good arrangement, good sense of atmosphere created here.


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http://project2612.org/download.php?id=61 - Lava Reef Zone 1 & Lava Reef Zone 2

Drums are still too dry and bland, the piano is still rigidly sequenced, and the sax definitely has its moments where some lower notes sound off. It's just a matter of needing more practice, as the flow of the sax unfortunately still sounds rather unpolished. That's really the short of it. Liked the new bell-type instrumentation used at 3:06 to create more sonic variation. Piano at 3:35 sounds out of place when it abruptly showed up for the last couple of seconds sounding really bright yet mechanical.

You can take it either good or bad, the arrangement is fairly strong. The live performance part just isn't up to snuff yet, IMO, in that it's too inconsistant, plus the finer details of the sequenced material need to be cleaned up for a more natural sound. I have to say though, Bobby, you've shown improvement with each resub. While I wouldn't recommend resubbing this one soon (otherwise you'll end up getting sick of the song), you show the potential to have a mix passed down the line as you continue to improve. Conceptually, your ideas are good, and the execution is gradually but markedly improving over time. Keep up the progress, but perhaps put this one on the shelf for now as you explore other arrangements.

NO (refine/resubmit)

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Your sax is most certainly NOT in tune. I'm sorry bro, RIGHT when it comes in it's sharp. And its painful.

Your playing is a lot cleaner than on the last take, but until your intonation gets better this is staying a NO. The woodwind samples are okay, its just really weird to me that you're delegating melodic lines to both synths and an actual instrument. You're getting better, but you need to keep using your ears. Intonation my friend, intonation.


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holy moly that's some sharp. Might be more tolerable, but the sax is waaay out front. push that back plz.

The balance on the instruments is really bad, and it's distracting. the snare is way too quiet, the sax is WAAAAAY too loud.

the arrangement aint bad, but you could introduce more ideas...

worry about the mixing first. this is just waaay off balance and it's distracting me from the substance of the song.


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Lover Reef was (is) awesome

Awwwwww, thanks! (Wait, are you trying to butter up zircon and I? ;))

You've got a lot of great ideas rattling around in that brain of yours, Xenon. I like where this arrangement is headed, with the laid back groove and varied instrumentation. That being said, you've got your work cut out for you in the realm of production. Problems:

- The string sample that intros the mix is already awkwardly sequenced. It sounds choppy because each articulation is identical. Always strive to smooth things over... unless you're intentionally going for a jerky sound, in which case reverse strings could do the trick.

- Both the drum and clarinet samples are cheesy to the max! I'm sure you can find better than that.

- Your sax playing isn't completely out of tune– just the 5th note of each sequence, which is consistently sharp. (If this were Lover Reef, I'd be referring to the words "There's a cold wind through this sea of sand/ And the sun's gone down on our parting hands" etc.)

- Tooooo muuuuuch reeeveeeerrrrb!

- At 2:07, some very fakey accoustic guitar enters the mix. Boooooo... Really, you can find better, or at least vary up the articulation.

- The piano, particularly at the very end, is mixed too loud with respect to the other instruments. Really tune your ears for that sort of thing, and I'm sure you'll be able to achieve a better balance.

I hope you don't throw this away.... just gonna take some patience and good old fashioned elbow grease to get it up to par. ^_~


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