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  1. Ah, thank you! I also sang the League of Legends solo on Level 4. ^^ I'm SO sorry you missed the Sands show. I'm sure we'll be back in the area sometime, though!
  2. It's already available on Bandcamp, in both digital and physical formats! ^^ http://jillianaversa.bandcamp.com/album/atlantis-awakening
  3. You're right on! Submitted the remix to OCR... hopefully it'll be posted! Thank you all for your feedback! I am so, so, so happy & relieved to finally have this CD out. It was a true labor of love. DarkeSword: Yes, it will be on OverClocked Records!
  4. Beautiful baby ! So happy for you, Dave & Anna!
  5. 1. Goron (Zelda) 2. Tanooki Mario (SMB3) 3. Rosalina (Mario Galaxy)
  6. Hey guys! Sorry I didn't show up here sooner; Andy forgot to tell me he started a thread, hehe... Thank you so much for the support! We just hit $9,000 today (over nine thouusaaaand) - I can't believe how great the response has been so far. <(^o^)> To answer your question, Jay (hi!): I wrote/spoke about this on my Kickstarter page, but basically I've had very frequent dreams of tsunami since a young age. I don't know why my subconscious keeps going back to this imagery, but it felt like time to find out its significance in my life. The legend of Atlantis was a perfect fit because Plato wrote that the civilization was "swallowed by the sea in a single day and night." The tsunami and all the mysteries surrounding it serve as an extended metaphor for my own personal search for truth. And as an added benefit, the story lends itself well to New Age/World music because earthy and watery imagery can be conjured through choices in instrumentation and composition.
  7. Hey guys! Larry, maybe you can add this info to your post: I got in touch with the box office to see if we could arrange for a group discount, and they have reserved a block of 30 seats for us at the cheapest price point, in the first 5 rows of the balcony section. It would normally be $38/ticket, but they're giving us a 20% discount *and* waiving the $4 processing fee, so it's now ***$30/ticket*** (saving everyone $12)! If you'd like to get in on the group rate & seating, please post here or on my Facebook note. I need to give them our final number by next Thursday, June 28th, when I will be making one large payment for the whole group. Andy and I will have to collect $30 from each of you in person that weekend -- or you can mail us your payment in advance. If you miss the deadline, you can probably still score tickets to the concert, just not as part of the group. Anyway, it should be fun times! Hope you can make it!
  8. Hahahaha, I was laughing so hard during that scene...
  9. Yeah, hey... If we're talking about limited edition things, can't we at least print a small-ish number of girly tees? ;_;
  10. I said this in staff chat, but I'll throw this out there publicly as well: The university design isn't my favorite, because even though it's tongue-in-cheek, most people wouldn't know that. I don't think it serves a practical purpose... Instead of spreading the word about OCR and what we do, it just winds up feeling like an in-joke. I'd rather wear something that actually promotes the community and feels 'inviting' to outsiders. Why would we want people to mistake OCR for some preppy college? Anywho, another thought I wanted to throw out there... Maybe it would be cool to have a version with the original OCR logo on the front, and the instruments on the back? ^-^
  11. I love the instruments one... BUT WE NEED BABYDOLLS!
  12. YESSSSSS! And now he's a good friend of mine, tooooo! We were at the Tokyo Game Show and SoulCalibur V recording together in Sydney. XD
  13. Haha, Brandon! Andy and I actually know Matt Campana! He went to Drexel and is a friend of ours. I was really impressed with his submission, too. ^-^
  14. Hey! I'm in Sydney now, so I haven't had the chance to comment since reading the news. I think Madeline's entry was strong. Although it wasn't my favorite of the ones I heard, it can be hard to pinpoint just what the judges were looking for. She'll definitely do a great job on the recording! I actually agree with RoeTaKa that my own entry wasn't the best it could have been. The problem was that I was in Japan at the time with no recording setup, so I had to borrow a mic and I had no compressor. Whenever I tried to record (and you had to do it all in one take!), my high notes would clip like CRAZY, so I had to really hold back in the upper register. I would have liked to give the performance more dynamic range, but I literally couldn't because of my setup. Oh well. ^_~ Anyway, I think it's justifiable that they chose someone who is completely new to the scene. It seems like they really wanted to find "undiscovered talent," so I'm happy for the winner and I wish her success. I've got enough going on myself right now to be very, very happy - just wish I had gotten the chance to work with Hans Zimmer! Maybe someday... *wistful glance*
  15. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS for your support in the contest! My entry placed first for the finals! XD Regardless of who they wind up choosing out of the top 20, I'm very grateful to have such awesome friends & fans. Thank youuuu!
  16. No no, Hans Zimmer wrote the theme & backing track. This contest is for singing only, not composition. But thank you!
  17. Yeah, I bet Kate's arrangement was awesome... hope we get to hear it at some point! Also, guys: Laura "Flute Link" Intravia is currently at #3! She's not officially an OC ReMixer yet, but definitely will be in the future I'd imagine. So VOTE FOR HER, TOO!
  18. OMG, I just woke up to find that I'm at #2?! Unbelievable... thank you, guys. Seriously. Ack, really?! I feel awful. I actually deleted my first Facebook post about the contest entirely because I realized I hadn't written the correct information on how to vote. Your comment(s) must have been on that... Swear to God, I didn't even see that you wanted to enter! You still should, though. I do completely understand the point of view of those who believe I shouldn't have entered the contest. I have been involved in video game soundtracks already, yes... And it does always seem unfair the way these popular voting systems work. However, public votes can only get me into the top 20 - then it's for Hans Zimmer and the judges to decide. There are a lot of amazing entries up there, and I actually joined the comp quite late (it's been open for a while), so I do think that those others have as good a shot as anyone. I'm also trying to make a living off music, and believe me, I make no where close to a full time salary at this point even though it's the only job I have. ^_~ So yeah... I stand by my entry, but wish everyone the best of luck! If there are other OCR artists in there, by all means, vote for them too!!!
  19. Yes, TGS! It's been great so far; tomorrow starts the first of the public days. (First two days were just for business & media). By the way, I made a little YouTube video here about the contest & my entry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-CefFHGYHQ
  20. Ahhhhh, thanks guys! I'm having a blast here in Japan. At the Tokyo Game Show with CIA (Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc.) to get some music in those games! Big announcement coming very soon on that front... I'll post again tomorrow (tonight for you guys). Thank youuuu!
  21. Oh yeah, about that... Gotta talk with you in private; may have something special in the works for this year.
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