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Playstation Classic - Announced

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There are cheaper alternatives but if you are looking for 2 brand new first party original PSX controllers that work with your PC right out of the box then this is your option.  The psx mini also makes for a good studio decoration and Twisted Metal 1 player.  


...and not a whole lot else. 

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On 12/27/2018 at 7:26 PM, Meteo Xavier said:

Why not? It's basically now an easy-to-mod PS1 emulator that comes with 2 PSX-style PC controllers for $60.

Meh, seems to be getting bad reviews, and besides: there's free emulators out there that don't cost 80 bucks, I still have the discs for many of these games, and my ps4 controller works with steam too.

Though to be honest, aside from getting sucked into Witcher 3 every once and a while, I can't find the will to play video games anymore.

So I'd probably play it for like a week and then it would be a very expensive dust collector. 

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