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OCRI-0013 - Candy Corn III: Direct to Video

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So, it's come to this... So it goes with all horror movie franchises, the first one with its low-budget underground novelty, garnering a morsel of legitimacy, leading to the wide-release theatrical sequel, complete with the blessing of the director and studio execs, only to be panned by the critics, mocked by the fans, and dismal box office returns... then it happens, perusing the local video store, you find it... placed auspiciously next to its cinematic siblings. Did you know its release date? Nope. Was there a plot? Maybe. Didn't that background character die a few scenes ago? Probably. Is the boom mic visible in the film's emotional speech? Almost certainly. But here we are ready to beat the fossilized remains of a horse species long since extinct, may I present... Candy Corn III: Direct to Video.

- YoshiBlade



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