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Time of the Falling Rain/Intro - ALttP Lounge Jazz

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In developing as a musician, I'm trying to start doing new things - this includes longer practice times, broadening of repertoire, and of course, spending more time thinking about arranging. I've been reading an awful lot of sheet music lately, something I desperately need. Hopefully this arrangement (not yet done) reflects that in some way. 

This song seemed like an obvious choice for a jazz rendition considering it's already structured around fourths and seventh chords. I'm not sure if I will get this recorded live, but it is possible. It would be really nice.

Let me know of any feedback! Still early in production, will be a while before I finish it, as there are some more pressing projects to work on.





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If I may be so bold, this mix wouldn't be too out of place in one of the old Charlie Brown cartoons :D Not sure how much higher praise I can offer, given my limited knowledge of jazz. This sounds like the perfect song to listen to while seated on a window sill watching the rain. Short, sweet, and calming. Now I crave donuts and steaming beverages.

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