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OCR03840 - Skies of Arcadia "From the Perilous Skies to Your Heart"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03840 - Skies of Arcadia "From the Perilous Skies to Your Heart"

Deedubs was definitely my 'go-to' ReMixer when it came to getting something done on the album in a short amount of time. With a whopping amount of 7 ReMixes he participated in or arranged himself, he is definitely a stand-out ReMixer on the entire album, generating the most musical content of any other. Every remix was unique and every song different in sound, tone and genre. Deedubs has proven time and again that he's got the chops to handle pretty much any sort of musical challenge presented to him in my 3+ years of working with him. Not once did he shy away from my requests to assist the album or other ReMixers who needed some additional help in completing their tracks. He was a good sport and always willing to help. I applaud his dedication and work ethic as well as his friendly nature in dealing with me during this album.

As stated in the review, this was his second track submitted coming hot off the heels of 'God's Ambition.' He was still pumped for the album and wanted to tackle yet another high-energy track and chose the two Bombardment themes as his music of choice. Given his great rendition of the Armada Battle theme, and the fact we had so few ReMixers sign on at this point in year 1, I couldn't really say no! The moment I heard his debut with 'Flashman and the Sorcerer's Stone' way back in 2015, I was floored and I knew I wanted to hit up Deedubs immediately for the album. This decision proved to be one of the most lucrative choices I ever made for the album, producing no less than 7 tracks from him. 

If I was involved in a future gaming project that required a game music composer for the soundtrack, I know immediately who I would be going to first to hire. Definitely a vehicle for his talents, Arcadia Legends is definitely improved with his inclusion in it. May he get the attention and praises he's earned for the hard work he put into helping us make this album a reality! My hats off to you, Deedubs!

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I love this track because the source shines through so vividly. The burst of energy at the beginning, then a 'settling in' as it gradually builds to a nostalgia-shattering finale.

On the subject of Deedubs, the question on all our minds was something to the effect of "who is this guy?" I was seriously wondering if he's some well-known producer under an alias because of his quality of work, collaborative spirit, and diverse approach, resulting in success after success.

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