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Majora's Mask: Zora Band Lounge ReMix

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This has gotta be one of the best source arrangements in the whole Zelda series. If my mix sounds good right now - don't fool yourself! You don't like my arrangement, you like the composition.

So I'm giving this source some sweet lovin'. 



Zora Band

v. 2:

And One More For the Road


Song for Brother Mikau


Version 3 felt too muddy. Opted for a brighter sound, and less reverb. Added some limiting and very very tiny amounts of compression.

Who Mixed This Chateau Romani?


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I really like what you have started here!    I'm curious to hear more.

my one critique at this point is the second guitar you have come in on the melody.   The sound is very choppy which gives it a kind of disjointed and harsh feel that is really jarring.   i'd recommend either changing that instrumnt or fiding a way to smooth out the performance.

suggestion:  what about including a harmon muted trumpet at some point?  i think the sound would fit well    a saxophone could work too.

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Could you give me a timestamp for where you think it sounds jarring? I just don't understand exactly what you mean. 

I would love to include saxophone or harmon trumpet, but, right now I only know how to play trumpet slightly, and currently, I don't have anyone at school who could, but... 

I do know ONE person who could be able to do it... maybe I'll write a part out and send it over. Saxophone is out of the question, nobody I know plays saxophone well enough for what I need.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I was thinking the melody from 0:34 - 0:50ish.    Specifically it's the attack at the beginning of each note that i think sounds too harsh.  IMO it would benefit from a softer attack.  It just feels a bit too strong to me and as a result, a little out of place. 

On another note, if you DO want a live trumpet, I can record it for you.  It's always nice to have an excuse to pull out my harmon mute.

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I think the brush scrapes (I think that's what they are) during the first 33 seconds are far too loud, or take up far too much frequency space. They basically sound like white noise hiss, which doesn't establish a very relaxing mood, heh. There's also just too much bass frequency in the left ear, and the snare sample from 1:10 to 1:29 is too...."blatty"? Might need a different sample, or maybe the velocities should be dialed down.

I like the very humanized rests. You have the potential for a ton of neat interplay/cycling though with your instruments here, so to complete your arrangement, maybe you could just get a complete drum and bass bed frame down, and add things on top, and take out sections of whatever as you go along in order to have more features for the individual tracks. 

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