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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Electric Seaweed

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The main thing that sticks out that could be improved mix-wise are mostly to do with the drums I think. The hihats volume is too low compared to everything else and the snare could probably be changed to one thats a bit thicker for a song like this, but that could just be preference. 

Arrangement-wise, having the arpeggios going the whole time got a bit repetitive so maybe change it up by taking a break from it in the middle and do something more varied before it comes back again.

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Oh man, I remember this level. I had to give the controller to my friend to beat it for me when I was a kid!

I agree with Vidilian's comments about the drums. Try looking for some higher quality samples, and take care when mixing them so that all the percussion sounds cohesive, i.e. could be part of the same kit (whether that be synthetic or sampled drums). The fill at 2:34 really exposes the weak snare. Look out for your sub-bass frequencies that could be muddying the overall volume of the mix. The bass drum seems to have a really low-end to it that may be pushing your limiter too hard. Make sure you use an EQ to check the low frequencies in your mix, in case your headphones/speakers don't expose it.

I quite liked the arrangement, the little break part at 1:53 could be a good opportunity to switch up the arp, although I like that you've tried some filtering, delay and more effects on it there. The bitcrushed effect at 1:57 is cool. Really dig the last section, too, including the outro. Synths used are a good start, but could do with some tweaking to make them a little more interesting on the ear. Get the drums up to scratch first, then revisit the synths and see how they're sounding.


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Sweet, thanks for the input, guys!

Yeah the snare always bugged me, I have adjusted it multiple times, and am now considering changing it all together. I kind of want the Arp part to be constant throughout the mix, but during the middle part, I may screw with it a bit more. As for the low end, I have it cut on most tracks except for the bass line and drums, perhaps I have too much of a stereo effect causing some freq bleeding. The hihats are getting raised, I like to start low on a mix and bring up to taste.

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OK did a small update. Dropped the snare's pitch and two toned it, sounds a bit beefier than before. Tried a few different snares, but I've become quite accustomed to the snappiness of this one. So I'm keeping it. Tweeked the Arp during the middle portion, although it's still there I've changed it up a little with some new accents and hardened the EQ swell. Aside from some minor re-balancing I've done I feel this is about 90% of the way there.

This remix has come a long way, so thanks again for the input.

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