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  1. So few things I'm curious about for those of you that have your music setup for streaming with Spotify. So it's okay for VGM covers/remixes to be posted? What about audio samples from Movies /TV shows etc..? I plan to upload a handful of older albums produced by my friend and I, which has a BUNCH of short samples from movies like Jurassic Park, Kids and The Shining, which are strewn about in a few songs. So far I've read that no one really cares, unless the tracks were to start gaining significant traction. Just curious what the heavy Spotify users think. Wouldn't want any issues down the road, as we've already had a Podcast of ours get wiped out do to making one mistake. Thanks
  2. OK did a small update. Dropped the snare's pitch and two toned it, sounds a bit beefier than before. Tried a few different snares, but I've become quite accustomed to the snappiness of this one. So I'm keeping it. Tweeked the Arp during the middle portion, although it's still there I've changed it up a little with some new accents and hardened the EQ swell. Aside from some minor re-balancing I've done I feel this is about 90% of the way there. This remix has come a long way, so thanks again for the input.
  3. Sweet, thanks for the input, guys! Yeah the snare always bugged me, I have adjusted it multiple times, and am now considering changing it all together. I kind of want the Arp part to be constant throughout the mix, but during the middle part, I may screw with it a bit more. As for the low end, I have it cut on most tracks except for the bass line and drums, perhaps I have too much of a stereo effect causing some freq bleeding. The hihats are getting raised, I like to start low on a mix and bring up to taste.
  4. Updated:3 Sat on this for too long, felt like working on it.
  5. Finished my new 8-track album! VGM inspired Electronica. A bit atmospheric and melancholic, but I enjoyed working on it. https://audiocolor.bandcamp.com/album/diamond-in-the-rough
  6. I've been doing a side project over the past few years called 1000 Mice. Kind of lo-fi electronic rock / instrumental combo ("lo-fi" sonically and production wise, not chill hip-hop). Heavy emphasis on keeping it simple and utilizing some of my old school keyboards. Made to have almost a warm nostalgic 8-track sound, while still implementing some modern elements. Spaceship Moon is my most recent release and figured I would drop it here, cause why not:) Also, our label, Lo-Fi Solutions, has a lot of random stuff to offer; much unconventional rambling to be had here. Ranging from improvised hand-recorded jams to experimental hiphop and screamo. https://lofisolutions.bandcamp.com/
  7. Main part done. Still have some adjusting to do; breakdown might be re-written, gonna see if it grows on me. https://soundcloud.com/audiocolor/electric-seaweed-tmnt-nes-dam-remix-sample-wip/s-3yMaJ PS: Tried posting the embedded code, but I can't get it to come up... dontknow..
  8. Here's a new original of mine added to soundcloud. Still have a bit of finalizing to do, but it's one of my favs.
  9. Hey all, Got a remix here that I would love any and all input on. I plan on speeding it up a little, adding some more drum/synth variations and well as contemplating completely replacing the last part to help eliminate repetition. I've been working on this on and off for about a year now and sounds pretty different than how I originally had it. Though I kind of dig it:) Thanks
  10. Like it, very pretty! Only thing I've noticed is that it's kind of quiet, especially the accompaniment.
  11. Aside from 2 Remix WIPS, I have two Original Tracks uploaded to Soundcloud for all to enjoy! Let me know what you all think. I'm still working on the details to mixing with Cubase, but I feel like these are coming along nicely.
  12. Posted an update: https://soundcloud.com/audiocolor/tetris-type-c-wip
  13. Thanks for the response! It's been a while since I worked on any kind of music, feels good to get back into the groove. Any and all input is helpful:) Once the song is revised I'll drop it here.
  14. Still got some work to do on this, but what do ya think of it so far? Mix: https://soundcloud.com/audiocolor/tetris-type-c-wip da.. Sauce:
  15. I would like to change to Audiocolor. Had this for a while and never got around to updating. Thanks!
  16. OK, again another update. I completely redid the drums from scratch, changed a few parts and added some. Think it sounds a lot neater and not as repetitive. Link Here As for the guitar I decided to toss some chorus on it, and to me it feels a bit more "in your face". I think it works out. Well with all the changes I made I think thats the best I can do without completely falling off the songs origin. Though if you guys have any minor adjustment ideas I'm all ears. At some point I'll put it up for submission, see how it works out. If it doesn't pass, ohh well. At least we got like 50+ downloads by you fine peeps.
  17. hehe thank you Vagrance, The part at the end isn't synth, its guitar. My buddy is good with effects like that. I'm was thinking of putting another drum part in, especially during the mid part. Will be thinking about that. Ya I love that game too, one of the most addictive flash games out there. Here's a link for any of you who haven't played it
  18. Here is the original again http://www.mediafire.com/?rljghtudkrx I use Cubase. I have been EQing the tracks not the master. The drums have a LOT of processing through it, I'll check it out:). The guitar is meant to sound weak at the beginning, then being complimented towards the end. Its very simple on the original. There is no bass track, the synth works as the bass, one of the reasons I like it loud. I have the Midlows and Mids raised on that.
  19. Thank you Roso for the feedback. Much appreciated. I did another revision today and fixed a few things. Here it is http://www.mediafire.com/?gm3uyd99ojx I understand your point about the guitar and I added a Harmony/Echo part for it, sounds more full and I kind of like it:) For the Main synth line, I decided to cut it out when the Saw riff comes in instead of overlapping, I always thought it should be like that, just like the original. As for the EQ, I adjusted it a tad more. But honestly it sounds fine to me, everything appears balanced, if I really tryed to push it on the tracks I'm thinking it would sound funny. Also did some panning effects. A lot of this song is meant to be full sounding, lots going on / chaotic. But after we first put it together it ending up being to organized^_^ especially the end, that's why I can see if it can be easily get noisy. Thanks again
  20. Here is a link to the newer one. Did some EQ adjusting, FX polishing. Hope you all enjoy:razz: http://www.mediafire.com/?tu9xuabmohm
  21. Thank you guys for your input. Gonna adjust some of the Eq's and effects, see what I can come up with. Might post up the newer one at some point when I think its done. Again thank you for your comments:razz:
  22. Sup all. Long time OCer, first time poster. OK, I don't know if this has been done before or allowed for submission, but me and my buddy decided to do a cover/remix of the Flash game Dino Run (Original music performed by Mark DeNardo). The song is the one you hear during the last two levels. We both decided we wanted it to be close sounding, but with our own flavor. Here is a link to the Original (Microphone to the speaker) version. Sound quality is crap but it works if you have never heard it before. Then the link to our version. Its just about done, but we are dying to know what you guys all think. When working on this I really wanted to try and create a visual with the sound FX, going along with what happens in the game. So if you don't get it, then I guess you just have to play it:) Feedback would rule!
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