Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing SAC is?

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SAC meaning Super Audio Cart, of course.

The loops are great, the samples themselves sound awesome (FL seems to have problems with a lot of them, but oh well)
The ONLY nitpick I have is the drums, I've had to use Crisisgeneralmidi's power drums for mostly everything
...And the fact that you have to use an external pitch bender.....Very annoying, but what can you do about it? 
SNESverb is awesome (the delay is justttt right)

Also SAC PC is supposed to have presets....right? They don't show up for me in the drop down menu for some reason....

So. Some questions I have for SAC 2
1: Are you adding any new systems?
2: Are you adding more gates/arps/sequences? 
3: Are you adding more SFX/Drums?
4: What's the price range, and are those that already own SAC/SAC PC going to receive a discount?

Bonus sample of SAC (uses crisisgeneralmidi power drums)
Corneria SAC epic version demo.mp3

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SAC would be nice for me to have, or that SNES reverb reproduction, and I keep thinking about getting it from time to time, but there are reasons I can't buy it. Such as life.

The Sega Genesis has the best chiptune drum set of all time, IMO, you should probably go with a set of those. Even with SNES-sounding stuff I think they gel together well. Outside of that, what I've used the most for quasi-chip/ancient-sounding stuff are Alesis SR or D4/D5 drum samples. There's an Alesis D4 soundfont out there that I'd been using for over a decade and can recommend as well.

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Yes, despite what I said about soundfonts a while back, I still have easy capability to use them and therefore still use them when necessary.

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just kidding mate.

well i will remain SAC-less as i really still don't know how to automate stuff in kontakt, in FL. i never had to learn it, the way i use it! is there a simpler way than scrolling down an endless set of automatable parameters? i know the 'last knob tweaked' method doesn't work.

i'm also more keen on working out a vg-like sound myself, by principle. but knowing zircon's daddycation, i can well believe it's a fun product for making anything game-like. the protodome demo track is just bonkers.

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