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1. recruiting Looking for a music remixer or composer

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Oh Hello there!

Magnus Tsunami here!

I'm looking for someone to compose or remix an intro jingle for my YouTube channel.

I'll supply the original jingle that was created for me.

basically the style I want it remixed if possible, or if remixing isn't your choice or preference then a composure in a similar fashion to the remixes below

if remixing isn't possible, then a complete new composure of the song in that style, or style of preference

so in closing, I want someone to take my current jingle, and either remix it in a similar music style to the remixes below, however this doesn't have to be the same style, or a recreation of my jingle in their own unique style.

What I'm looking for as inspiration or ideas:

basically I want my intro music to be more... upbeat, and if possible sped up by 1.5x (or 150%)  making the clip no longer than 16 seconds total if possible. 

it's been the jingle for my channel for a while, and I'm looking to get more of a retro gaming style theme going that suits my style of gaming, my channel, my fun, catchy, easy going but memorable attitude.

Please see the references below:


Here's my channel for reference if you want some inspiration:

Willing to pay for your time, and efforts!

I attempted to add the tags of

remixer & composer but sadly wasn't able to!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

CCG Intro music.wav

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