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Zelda TP/ALttP - Kakariko in Twilight

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I finally pulled myself away from the Wii long enough to make a new WIP. It is a mix of Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess and the Dark World and Kakariko Village from A Link to the Past.

Kakariko in Twilight

And just because someone always mentions the abrupt ending,


Now, any comments regarding anything besides the length are welcome.

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that part when it sounds a little bit like the darkworld of LTTP.....it should move to the melody of the darkworld of LTTP.....

cant explain it......but evrytime i hear that part it remembers me of the darkworld theme.

BTW its like if you only added drums

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Ah, if that's what you mean...

I do plan to focus heavily on one theme in different sections. All I wanted to accomplish in the intro was to mix the two together. I'll certainly start the dark world off from that point in Kakariko Village later. At the moment I'm trying to create a faster-paced section, in which each theme will undergo more interpretation.

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