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  1. Hit it with the raging fury of a thousand suns
  2. I'm with Sam on this one, Red Gi man would fuck Hyabusa up.
  3. Too bad Amazon rapes in shipping costs to Canada, otherwise I'd help out.
  4. Chrono Trigger Robo Gang Johnny SPC is here ->
  5. Merry birthday Suzu, may your every dream not collapse into a horrible nightmare series of events that will leave you a broken man.
  6. It was like right before one of the concerts on Saturday night, I felt kinda bad after. Time to start saving for next year...
  7. For anyone that's my friend on Facebook, I've FINALLY got some pictures up.
  8. Totally eclipsed by a French accent. I've got 30 some odd pictures coming by whenever I can get them all processed to jpgs, should hopefully be by this weekend.
  9. Not when this one is from the extreme West coast.
  10. No really. I smiled and waved, saying, "Hey!" and she literally looked at me like I was an insane rapist and ran into the concert hall. I almost felt guilty.
  11. I said hi to your wife and I think I scared the hell out of her. Maybe if I'd been wearing my OCR shirt she wouldn't have been quite so terrified. AND NO MENTION OF ME BEING A GODDAMN PHOTO NINJA? COME ON DUDE I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.
  12. I found a Taucer Rama's a goddamn rock star