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  1. Hit it with the raging fury of a thousand suns
  2. Too bad Amazon rapes in shipping costs to Canada, otherwise I'd help out.
  3. Chrono Trigger Robo Gang Johnny SPC is here -> http://salty.tanatopia.net/Musics/FBRC%202008/CT2-07RoboGangJohnny.spc
  4. Merry birthday Suzu, may your every dream not collapse into a horrible nightmare series of events that will leave you a broken man.
  5. It was like right before one of the concerts on Saturday night, I felt kinda bad after. Time to start saving for next year...
  6. For anyone that's my friend on Facebook, I've FINALLY got some pictures up.
  7. Totally eclipsed by a French accent. I've got 30 some odd pictures coming by whenever I can get them all processed to jpgs, should hopefully be by this weekend.
  8. Not when this one is from the extreme West coast.
  9. No really. I smiled and waved, saying, "Hey!" and she literally looked at me like I was an insane rapist and ran into the concert hall. I almost felt guilty.
  10. I said hi to your wife and I think I scared the hell out of her. Maybe if I'd been wearing my OCR shirt she wouldn't have been quite so terrified. AND NO MENTION OF ME BEING A GODDAMN PHOTO NINJA? COME ON DUDE I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.
  11. I found a Taucer Rama's a goddamn rock star
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