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  1. Hit it with the raging fury of a thousand suns
  2. Too bad Amazon rapes in shipping costs to Canada, otherwise I'd help out.
  3. Chrono Trigger Robo Gang Johnny SPC is here -> http://salty.tanatopia.net/Musics/FBRC%202008/CT2-07RoboGangJohnny.spc
  4. Merry birthday Suzu, may your every dream not collapse into a horrible nightmare series of events that will leave you a broken man.
  5. It was like right before one of the concerts on Saturday night, I felt kinda bad after. Time to start saving for next year...
  6. For anyone that's my friend on Facebook, I've FINALLY got some pictures up.
  7. Totally eclipsed by a French accent. I've got 30 some odd pictures coming by whenever I can get them all processed to jpgs, should hopefully be by this weekend.
  8. Not when this one is from the extreme West coast.
  9. No really. I smiled and waved, saying, "Hey!" and she literally looked at me like I was an insane rapist and ran into the concert hall. I almost felt guilty.
  10. I said hi to your wife and I think I scared the hell out of her. Maybe if I'd been wearing my OCR shirt she wouldn't have been quite so terrified. AND NO MENTION OF ME BEING A GODDAMN PHOTO NINJA? COME ON DUDE I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.
  11. I found a Taucer Rama's a goddamn rock star
  12. Meh, I prefer blue anyway. Maybe if I break this one like I broke my last g15 I'll get another one. For the record, you can only get one mug of tea on a G15.
  13. Conversely, I've played the beta for the last few weeks and I'm not convinced this game is really worth my money. To me it's just more of the same, if I'm going to be dropping over $200 on a game for unlimited online play in a tier that isn't castrating gameplay it's going to have to completely blow me away.
  14. I see your crab and raise you a swarm of jellyfish, good sir.
  15. Actually I'd have to say I'm more representing amarriedemegaphone's similarities to Mario, because I too have no life and think that stupid shit is awesome
  16. I gotta agree with Bahamut here, this is the most retarded thing I've ever seen.
  17. Uh... how can you have rock opera without classic rock. Honestly. That's like saying, "Hey we should do a heavy metal project on Tetris, but not actually do anything involving heavy metal. Or Tetris."
  18. I say somebody gets him to secure the OST for the community to start a remix project of it. And then get him to mix on it. Because that would be goddamn hilarious.
  19. Okay so I started a bow amazon alt, going to go the Frozen Arrow mage path once I get my skills in order (i.e Strafe, passives). So... I'll be on the lookout for M'Avina's set.
  20. Starting a zon alt, ganking Lycander's from the mule. I figured I'd experiment a bit.
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