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Where to edit forum sig?

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I might wind up feeling like an idiot for asking this, but where do I add/edit a forum signature? I wanted to add a sig advertising my willingness to record some live drums for folks if they wanted them, and hit a roadblock. I searched this forum and found some references to a user cp area, but I can't find that specifically. In most other forums, there's a text field for it the "edit profile" area, but not in this one. Also couldn't find it under account settings. Thanks in advance to the kind soul who can help :banghead:

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Hmm, I'm kinda surprised no one responded to this. It actually is a fair question as I've been here for 15 years and I still have to go looking for how to change my signature stuff every time I want to change it, and that process can change as well.

1. Top right of the webpage where you see your chicken picture and "thebitterroost".

2. Click it and go to "account settings" under "settings".

3. Left side of the page in the gray border. "Signature".

There you go.

Didn't used to be that easy, so I totally respect that you had trouble finding it.

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