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Earthworm Jim needs a Project

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I'm thinking, Earthworm Jim is a classical, eternal soundtracks for the great Tommy T. And why that great game, dosen't have a project album? Just like a fan, i here to suggest the ideia, we not have any album, little bit remixes, let me see how many fans we have for this ideia.


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Lots of good music for it. Just keep in mind that a few of the EWJ tracks are Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (multiple movements), so one wouldn't be able to submit those specific tracks to OCR specifically, but considering they're well inside public domain it'd be hilarious to hear remixes of those tracks on an album regardless, lol.

Such strange games, such good OSTs, I definitely approve. If anyone gets those rolling, they should get in touch with Tommy Tallarico; he's namedropped OCR in VG concerts he's held in the past, he would probably super appreciate such a project.

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30 minutes ago, Ronald Poe said:


yes imagine an album all work in the games of the series, not even to imagine the perfection of it, "use your head" tommy talarico would say kk. seriously as a fan would very much like someone to be willing to take such a project. would be very accomplished

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