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I finally found them!

For years, when I've wanted to share an album with somebody, I've wanted to direct them to the beautiful sites with all the release info and artwork rather than the home site's album page. Think, for example, http://lucid.ocremix.org/index.html as opposed to http://ocremix.org/album/30/nights-lucid-dreaming. Sometimes, for the less frequently referenced albums, it's a bit of workout to remember/find the prefix used for the site.  I have always been confused why they weren't posted on the album's page; turns out, they are! It's just not in a place that I'd ever thought to look. Currently, the link is through the HTTP option that pops up after you click 'Download'.  I'm wondering if it would be worth the bother to move or add that link to some place a little more prominent.  (Also, I haven't gone through all of them, but it looks like 'Pilotwings: Take Flight' doesn't have it's own site. Is that correct?)


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Some albums don't have their own sites, afaik. Every so often, once a year maybe, I grab all the new albums. On more than one occasion, I've found albums without a dedicated site, just the ocr page. Which is fine, though it could be more stylized with album artwork elements or something.

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