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Zelda OOT - Lost Woods (Dreamland Remix) what is it missing?


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Zelda OOT - Lost Woods (Dreamland Remix).mp3

I'm getting serious about polishing this piece of music and wondering what is it missing, if anything. Do I still need to fill it in more?

I want to add acoustic percussion to do some of the drum n bass bits. I still need to do more mixing and make better use of reverb and improve the percussion a ltitle bit. Not sure what other polish I could add. My goal is to keep the minimalistic vibe and chiptune vibe, make it overall easy on the ears.

...not sure about the title.

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It's a minimalistic soundscape, but I think that ends up lending itself to the style. I found it seemed to fill out in parts.

Also, this is particularly interesting to me because of the call and response between all the synths around 1:56, good use of finding interesting ways to play with melody while sticking with the same instrumentation - it keeps from getting boring that way. I like it personally, I find myself bobbing my head to it.

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This is lovely! Really digging the minimalistic and cheerful vibe here. The ending is the best thing, where it almost turns sour / creepy all of a sudden. Very captivating listen, beginning to end.

I agree with Garrett, I don't think this needs much. If I had to be nit picky, I'd say that the fast tremolo parts in the synth during the first minute sound a bit artificial. Maybe you could play around with the velocities there to make it a bit more organic sounding?

Mixing wise, the only comment I have is that the top end feels a bit closed, I'm missing some air in the overall soundscape (if that term makes any sense whatsoever lol). I'm hesitant to say this though because I don't have a good suggestion how to fix this (aside from boosting highs into everything, which might turn things harsh real quick). Maybe one super esoteric idea: adding a room tone track could add some dimension and just enough high frequency noise to make it feel a bit more lively and less sterile. This might be complete bull**** though, I don't know. Just food for thought.

Anyways, this is super cool! Excited to hear the final version.

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