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    Theoretical Chemist by day, musician and audio engineer by night. I produce local bands, play bass in the metalcore / Nu-metal outfit Remember Your Scars, and produce original instrumental metal track and video game music metal remixes for my YouTube channel.
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  1. Ah too bad! Maybe you can EQ the leads and the cymbals around each other a bit, by low-passing the leads more aggressively and cutting some high mids in the overheads? Just throwing out ideas.
  2. Not gonna lie, your "junk kit" actually sounds pretty tight. I'm not a gearhead (I noticed that the more options I have, the less music I get done), and examples like this just confirm my opinion that gear is indeed secondary when you're a good musician. Glad that my comments were helpful to you and didn't just come off as nitpicky. Smart decision to record XY to open up different options! We've just started recording drums for a band project I'm involved in as a bassist, and we went for a spread out pair of Rhodes fairly close to the cymbals and an XY pair of Behringers above the drummer
  3. This is lovely! Really digging the minimalistic and cheerful vibe here. The ending is the best thing, where it almost turns sour / creepy all of a sudden. Very captivating listen, beginning to end. I agree with Garrett, I don't think this needs much. If I had to be nit picky, I'd say that the fast tremolo parts in the synth during the first minute sound a bit artificial. Maybe you could play around with the velocities there to make it a bit more organic sounding? Mixing wise, the only comment I have is that the top end feels a bit closed, I'm missing some air in the overall soundscap
  4. Really enjoyed your composition! Super interesting harmonic work on the lead guitars in particular. And it's really, REALLY cool to hear an actual drum kit instead of MIDI. I do however see some room for improvement in the mixing. The low end is a bit overpowering and soupy, separation between kick, bass, and guitar low end could be better. Also, did you record the overheads mono or was it a mixing decision to have them dead center? By having them center, I feel they're fighting the bright lead guitars a lot - I think you could have achieved a much wider and more open and less dark soundi
  5. A while ago, I self-published my debut album, ORACLE. I don't think I ever shared it on here, so here's a link to one of the tracks, 'Exordium': https://bjoernkmusic.bandcamp.com/track/exordium-2 Genre-wise, this is a modern, guitar-centric metal album, with particular focus on riffs and atmosphere rather than wild leads and crazy technique. Think of Metallica's instrumental songs but with a djent-y soundscape and a pinch of prog. I'm also heavily (ha! pun!) influenced by other metal musicians from the YouTube space, such as Keith Merrow (Merrow, Conquering Dystopia, Alluvial) or Ola
  6. Hey Seth, thanks! Yeah, I'm not good at writing lead lines and solos, that's why I got one of my bandmates to contribute that ending solo. Maybe something I oughta work on in the future. Shameless plug: if you're interested in hearing music that I'm involved in that also features vocals, check out Remember Your Scars on Spotify, which is a Nu-Metal / Metalcore band I play bass with
  7. Sharing my latest metal remix of a track called "We've Got Hostiles" (link) from the original 2012 Black Mesa soundtrack. After the Black Mesa devs recently announced that the Xen Beta would go live soon (which it did a couple of days ago) I was super exited and wanted to celebrate this with a remix. When I planned it out, I unfortunately was not aware that the release of the dedicated (and absolutely gorgeous) soundtrack for Xen by Joel Nielsen was also immenent. Therefore, I picked a song from the original 2012 soundtrack. Wanted to share this here because I appreciate th
  8. Thanks for the kind words Yosh! Metallica were my biggest musical influence during my teen years, so you're absolutely on point there! Also thanks to the judges for the encouragement and for accepting the remix right away - I was almost sure I'd be rejected for being too conservative! Really happy that I was able to contribute to this amazing site
  9. Hi everyone, I just noticed that my metal remix of Pendulum's Blood Sugar received a copyright claim, presumably from their label (0:46 - 2:17 min, 5 different claimants, only one I was able to identify as some copyright management company from Berlin). No message from YT about this (meh!) - I noticed it by chance yesterday when I uploaded a new song. I'm quite aware that my "remix" is more like a cover version for 50% of the playtime, so it didn't surprise me too much that this happened. Maybe it has something to do with them announcing their reunion last December. I find it rather needy
  10. Metal remix of CP Violation from the Half-Life 2 OST (source), originally composed by Kelly Bailey. I'm confident that production wise, it's a step forward for me - very slowly getting to where I want to be. Drums turned out pretty great this time I think. "Polizeitgeist" is something that Eric "NeinQuarterly" Jarosinski mentioned a couple of times on Twitter, usually in the context of police violence, so I deemed it a quite fitting title for this remix. It's a neologism of the two German words Polizei (police) and Zeitgeist. Musically, this remix is heavily inspired by Meshuggah's K
  11. Interesting. EZDrummer and the various Cubase VST instruments I'm using don't seem to have issues in that regard but I'll keep that in mind if I ever use more complex libraries. When A/B'ing an offline vs. real time export I had the feeling that the real time printed mix felt a bit punchier. But that could just be my brain tricking me.
  12. I never used the "real time export" option that Cubase offers, because I thought that the only reason why you would want to use that is external gear - which I do not own. Turns out, there is a discussion online on whether real time printing can affect the quality of a purely ITB print, especially when you have complex time effects and lots of automation. I was never even aware that this might make a difference. I A/B'ed a mix this afternoon and formed an opinion, but I'd be interested to hear what you have to say before I'll throw it out there.
  13. @Esperado: That small thingy on the external hard drive, next to the headphones? That's my wifi @AngelCityOutlaw: Yeah the previous tenant had a knack for green (there's some on the opposite wall as well). Unfortunately, he vanished really fast when he was supposed to re-paint them white after moving out. I don't care, I'll move out when I'm done with Uni and since he didn't paint, I don't have to as well!
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