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Writing/remixing an Antihero theme

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Hi, I'm writing an antihero theme and/or remix and would like some tips. I guess putting a heroic theme in a minor key could help. How else can I evoke an antihero like Shadow the Hedgehog, Venom, or Kratos (God of War).
Here's a few examples of antihero themes.




As you can see, antiheroes come in many flavors. Any advice would be appreciated. 


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Heroic with a flat fifth might work. Chromatic movement in the bass. Phrygian mode. Some ideas.

I'm noticing a lot of your examples have aggressive rhythms, be it GoW's staccatos or the metal-inspired Shadow stuff. Starting from a rhythm might be a good approach.

Heroic but screwed up, whether you go dark, overly aggressive or creepily off-scale depending on what you're after.

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