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[DKC1] Placeholder Title - Aquatic Ambience lofi Jazz arrangement


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Title: Not decided yet

Source Game: Aquatic Ambience - Donkey Kong Country 

Link to the Track: https://clyp.it/zoeithy5

Comments: I have been practicing a lot since I got an EWI. This track is just an amalgamation of all that training into a single piece, with all of the new things I have learnt by playing with it (I can't belieive I didn't get a breath controller til now hahaha). Influenced by Coltrane at moments, I hope you like it!


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Is it possible for the internet to have too many Aquatic Ambiance remixes? I propose that it cannot. More importantly: wow. Smooth like polished brass, it breathes easy, and flows freely. The general feel of your piece is consistent, but it's ever changing with with that flute and sax just doing their thing. Very nice, all around. 

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