brotha berry

quartz quadrant good future my interpretation remastered

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Ooh, neato.

A bit of a percussive assault at the beginning (percussion bell was a bit loud for my taste), but overall it was quite a good listen. The flutey sound just sealed the chill vibe for me.

My only REAL complaint is that it feels like it's over before it can really develop into what I felt it was going to be. I seriously thought it was going to break down into some kind of solo or something.

But nice job on all the percussion going on, keeping things interesting.

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Pad quality is dope.  Love the swoll swelling.  Synthwork is cool.  Arps sound dope.  Square-lead/support is sexy.  Overall good.

One gripe...

I think the snare samples can be reduced by 1.4 db or something.  They falcon-punch through the mix* a LITTLE too loud, especially for this genre of music imo.  Good shtuff otherwise.  Oh and the cymbol hit is a bit too loud too. 

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thank you everyone for the wonderful and honest compliements ill admit some parts are loud but i didnt recognize it at the time so i will go over and carefully master the other parts of the track thank you once again!!! i will re upload soon

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