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  1. Thanks Seth. I didn't have a particular sound I wanted to achieve with the detuned synthesizer it just needed to provide variation, so I might look into redoing/ replacing it. It is indeed DnB for much of the track, also future. Currently one of my studio monitors is in the shop in a nearby town for repairs, so I'm not sure I'll be able to finalize the mix without it. Also this is the -6 dB mix, and mastering should smooth and balance some things out. Going to go with LANDR for mastering for the cheap but passable option as I've used them before. That is unless there is someone on this forum that does the mastering for all the ReMixes free of charge... Not going to count on it though.
  2. Hi! This is a pseudo-cover of the theme for Act 3 in Sonic Advance 3, Ocean Base. I already know what I can "improve" to make the track more musical but I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. Cheers! (Note: I posted this first in the wrong category of forums, but since my piece is a really loose remix and also has a lot of original material, I'm not sure whether I should delete my original post yet. Mods can delete the first one if they want.)
  3. Sounds like it would go great with other instruments as well
  4. Dam this is sick! I'm a sucker for anything jazz :3 but this is great. Kinda vaporwave too.
  5. Better than the other post, Ice 7. Here it's simply more interesting... probably due to there being more dynamic instruments (some loud some soft).
  6. Good choice of instruments for each track's target style. Keep it up!
  7. Pleasing aesthetic, muoy epic.
  8. Good: I like the staccato piano, adds a 90's flavor to it Bad: Needs more variation in the arrangement, a choice between committing to blues solos or not, cleaner mixing Keep it up!
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