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  1. heres the link to the remix version and then one to the original
  2. brotha berry

    So I was playing Mario Maker...

    man wish they had finished it i bet it would have been so much fun now a days its better to let the online gamers customize their favorite games..pretty much the future as far as those games go even better would be a side scroll shotter maker
  3. brotha berry

    So I was playing Mario Maker...

    if you had ever seen one of the un released mega man stages there was the laser man stage and i could totally see someone being a dick by doing a level design with all of those lazers to make the stage hard and other combinations of enemies i was thinking in the sense that some stages that people make in the mario one that are very hard would give mega man fans a better challenge than what is pre programed in the game itself
  4. brotha berry

    So I was playing Mario Maker...

    and had so much fun with it with all the level creation and finally bringing out the mario we have come to grow up with and love all over again but then as i was playing mega man i was wondering hmmm what if they did a mega man maker? create your own stages, bosses and stage enemies what do you think guys would mega man maker be a dream come true?
  5. brotha berry


    after playing this game i was immedietly inspired to create something melodic but meek and droney as limbo appears in the game and also like the games twist and unextpected turns i decided to do the same for my track and the results were wonderful please leave feedback hope you enjoy
  6. influenced by the wonderful and creepy ambience of DEAD SPACE 2
  7. brotha berry

    Jet Force Gemini

    mmmmm this sounds pretty good maybe ill give it some powerful drums and more influenced string no promises but ill study it
  8. just made this rich dense dark track yesterday after being inspired by silent hill 3s music please enjoy
  9. brotha berry

    finished Blood at zero gravity

    yeah i know thought it was the perfect name hope you enjoyed the track
  10. this track was based on the influence of my fav game deadspace with its creepy dark ambient textures i dedcied to make a dark ambient track that i imagined to the game please enjoy
  11. hello i am sharing my new ambient track that was based on the influence of metoes wars music; some of the lovely ambient tracks just inspired me to make this track so here i am sharing it with you please enjoy and feedback is welcomed
  12. just sharing my version or tribute to one of my fav stages in the game that ive loved ever since i first heard it if this is in the wrong thread i apologize non the less please enjoy and download
  13. brotha berry

    attn einhander fans

    hello i am a long time fan of squares most famous and underated game einhander. i am looking for techno or electronica producers interested in collaborating in doing a remix album to the game each one taking a diffrerent stage in music any takers? please let me hear your thoughts
  14. brotha berry

    finished CASTLEVANIA 4 dracula stage edit

    yes im new here and thanks for the welcome
  15. brotha berry

    finished CASTLEVANIA 4 dracula stage edit

    oh ok sorry about that didnt mean to put it in the wront catagory i am looking forward to doing some more castlevania works this time with the melody in mind