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I want to hear something from AVGN Adventures.

Seth Skoda

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Something. Like, any style.

This trap style remix was nice to hear on Newgrounds, but the user is no longer active, unfortunately, so I can't encourage him to submit it:


He considered it in the past, but decided not to do so because it's so different from the original, he thought it was too different.

Here's the source tune for reference, if you haven't heard it:

If you're wondering, yes, I had a hand in the making of that remix. 

I sequenced the MIDI arrangement and sent it to the user who then used it to make that remix.

The midi sequence can be found on vgmusic.com somewhere. If you can't find it and would like to use it, hit me up. Just a heads up, it kinda sucks, but it is usable.


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On 1/1/2020 at 12:53 AM, Chernabogue said:

I did this a few years ago. Hopefully you enjoy it! :)


A few years ago? I take it you never remastered or did it again.

I dunno if it's just me, but it sounds to me like you did this in a different key. Do you have your original takes on the guitar? If you used a virtual amp, I'd love to have those stems (without the amp) and throw it into B Major (the original key). I'd also do some other things, like reverb on the lead guitar (it actually sounds like a synth tbh). It's pretty good as is, but I really would love to take this to the OCR level with some rearrangement and such. I have Melodyne, so the above mentioned pitch shift won't be obvious/aliased.

More notes on the piece itself. I do like the synthesizer in the background with that "choral" effect. It lends the piece more of a polish than just being a rock/metal piece.

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I wanted to add more
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