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Kick brings down my volume in FL studio

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Hello!, i have an issue with FL studio 20. Where my volume goes down(sounds like its compressing) when my kick hits. (Not in dB, just what it sounds like) And then goes up again when i only play the piano for example. I have leveled everything and the kick is at -6dB. So its not clipping. And i dont have any limiter on the master chanel aswell. Can someone help me? :)

(This is both before and after i mix it) 

I just need to put my kicks into the pattern and it happens, without me doing anything.

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3 hours ago, DavidMazarro said:

Are you using any sort of template for your project? Like the ones FL Studio provides you with.

No, im using ''empty'' It only sounds like this on my studio monitors that i just got a couple days ago. It sounds just normal in my headset (which are a gaming headset tho)

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To diagnose the issue, try filtering out its low frequencies. It might be that there are excessive lows screwing with a compressor along the way. I don't know if hardware itself would do this, but there might be a software compressor in the system output that's doing it, and responding to inaudible sub frequencies. Subs doing it would explain why it does it with the kick but not a piano sound. Check system sound settings for any kind of signal enhancement or something turned on.

As for why it's not showing up on the headset, they might use a different port. USB headset? Via USB rather than system audio output would be a different output and thus different settings.

Also, what kind of studio monitors? And how are they connected to the computer?

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if it's not happening in the headset....wonder if it's happening bc of your room. something may really be into resonating with that kick.

the flaw in that thinking is, the whole song shouldn't technically get a drop in loudness, it would more be drowned in a bassy resonant sound and thus maybe seem less loud in relation....the other part of the song.

not sure, man-


oh and maybe totally unrelated, i had, in one project, a boost in loudness of whatever mixer channel i had currently highlighted (clicked upon). this may be some routing/function i accidently activated and don't know about, or it was a bug? i haven't had absolutely free undisturbed time to totally delve into no.20, which now actually seems to be the best sequencer. to me. anyway. i lack experience with some of the bugs or features that are easily viewable as bugs when you dunno what the heck is going on.


one more old thing came to mind: sometimes audio bits can have content well below or above the general 20-20000 hearing range of us humans. this can seriously bring down the volume of what you can hear. don't ask me if it's because of some internal hidden limiter yet (maybe to prevent gear damage), or...whatever. point is, try EQing everything to zero below and above  20-20000 (or 30-18000, my EQ is not that mathematically exact, and as long as i don't hear any difference....) well, it's an idea.

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