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A Story of Kings: A Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy XV


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please note: you do not have to use the genres or styles I put in the examples.

 Story of Kings

    Project Proposal

GAME NAME(S): Final Fantasy XV

ALBUM CONCEPT:Different musical styles tell of the reigns Different Kings.

How it works: pick a track, pick a monarch(2 tracks per monarch), pick a style.(some ideas: ancient, biblical, early, Medieval,Renaissance, Baroque, classical, Romantic, or modern example links below)

Up to three different versions of each source is allowed


PERSONNEL: GSO (Project Director), (Assistant Director), (Album Art / Website)



Ardyn Main Theme (Prayer of the Oracle)

Angelgard battle


Besithia’s Lab

Besithia’s Lab(Battle)

My Calling


Niflheim rises

  • Founders Festival 
  • Insomnia 
  • Guardian Boss 
  • King Regis 
  • Somnus - The final battle
  • Brother
  • Resist your fate 
  • Ardyn’s Madness
  • Ardyn's rest 


Final Fantasy XV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THht1RqCh8U&list=PLc_RJ2laVnkAdkzdK2w-BdiuPDIw5eyIZ

Disc 1

1 Somnus (Instrumental Version)

2 Departure

3 Broken Down

4 Hammerhead

5 Wanderlust

6 Encroaching Fear

7 Stand Your Ground

8 Relax and Reflect

9 Day’s End Fanfare

10 Horizon

11 Safe Haven

12 Lurking Danger

13 Hunt or Be Hunted

14 Cindy

15 Urban Chrome

16 A Quick Pit Stop

17 Love Lost

18 Galdin Quay

19 Ardyn

20 The Aggressors

21 Nox Aeterna

22 The Hunters

23 What Lies Within

24 Daemons

25 Bros on the Road

26 Fantastica!

Disc 2

1 The Niflheim Empire

2 Veiled in Black

3 Valse Di Fantastica

4 Crystalline Chill

5 What a Hoot

6 Blues De Chocobo

7 Reel Rumble

8 The Fight Is On!

9 Lestallum

10 Welcome to the Leville

11 Unsettling Aura

12 Don’t Panic!

13 Apocalypsis Noctis

14 Cosmogony- Claimed by GSO

15 Melancholia- Claimed by GSO

16 A Premonition

17 Nox Divina

18 Labyrinthine

19 Flying R

20 Imperial Infiltration

21 Veiled in Black (Arrangement)

22 Invidia

23 Sorrow Without Solace

Disc 3

1 Sunset Waltz

2 Disquiet

3 Omnis Lacrima

4 Rodeo De Chocobo

5 Listen Up

6 Creeping Shadows

7 Impending Peril

8 Up for the Challenge

9 Cape Caem

10 Cape Caem – Our New Home

11 Cape Caem – Hidden Harbor

12 Bros on the Road II

13 Noctis

14 Over the Waves

15 Altissia

16 Altissia – Gondola Ride

17 Welcome to the Royal Suite

18 Starlit Waltz

19 Prayer De Luna

20 No Time Left

21 Song of the Stars

22 The Hydraean’s Wrath

23 Ardyn II

24 Luna

25 Apocalypsis Aquarius

Disc 4

1 Broken Bonds

2 Dining Car

3 Cartanica

4 Relax and Reflect – Pensive

5 Careening into Danger

6 Tenebrae

7 Horrors of the Night

8 End of the Road

9 An Empire in Ruins

10 Ravus Aeterna

11 In the Light of the Crystal

12 A World Unwaking

13 Neverending Nightmare

14 Homecoming

15 Hammerhead – The Last Bastion

16 Somnus

17 Hellfire

18 Magna Insomnia

19 Dawn

20 Somnus Ultima

21 Dewdrops at Dawn

22 Main Theme from Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV Volume 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8IniwY7KQI&list=PLc_RJ2laVnkAyOd6MIaO7x8yCCakpYorw


1. Shield of the King – Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS

2. Steeling My Resolve

3. Taelpar Crag

4. The Spirits Converge

5. The Trials of the Shield

6. Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS Version)

7. Of Muscle and Mettle

8. Scar on My Pride

9. A Frozen Soul

10. Prompto’s Solitude

11. Beckoned by Darkness

12. Orbital Instability (Extended Mix)

13. Trigger

14. Coffee and Contemplation

15. Where None Dare Tread

16. Helix of Insanity

17. Lost in the Snow

18. The Fire Within

19. Identity

20. Moving Forward

21. Sound of My Heart

22. Face the Music

23. In a Trance

24. Crazy Motorsleigh

25. Orbital Instability

26. Aberrant Experiment

27. Sins of the Father

28. My Life to Live

29. Home Sweet Home – Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO

30. Descent into Darkness

31. Choosing Hope – City of Light

32. Hunters’ Haven

33. Hunting for a Thrill

34. On the Defensive

35. Urgent Mission

36. The Clock Is Ticking

37. A Daunting Challenge

38. COMRADES Fanfare

39. Cheers!

40. Let There Be Light

41. Lodes of Fun

42. Rise and Shine

43. A Clash of Swords

44. The Wrath of Swords

45. Choosing Hope

46. NOCTIS – Those Who Follow

47. EPISODE IGNIS – The Main Theme

48. Stress in Solitude

49. Spelldaggers

50. Altissia Under Siege

51. Rest Up, Ignis

52. The Bladed Tactician

53. Clash on the Waves

54. A United Front

55. To Each Their Calling

56. A Tear-Stained Sword

57. Theme of RAVUS

58. Forbidden Flames

59. The Blazing Tactician

60. Badge of Honor

61. A Lightless Journey

62. Ardyn III

63. As Friend and Brother

64. Become the Fire

65. Captive in Cobalt

66. Ashes to Ashes

67. Wicked Laughter

68. My Humblest Desire

69. Apocalypsis Magnatus

70. Over the Waves – At Anchor

71. Bismarck, God of the Sea

72. Dirt Track Trials

73. Return of the King

74. A Warm Welcome

75. Insomnia Ablaze

76. Veiled in Black (Insomnia Arrangement)

77. Omega

78. Omega – Limit Break

79. Cerberus

80. Advent of the Apocalypse

81. Es it foron! – A Prayer

82. Encelevenemus – Kingly Compassion

83. The Founder King’s Hope

84. Moonlit Melodies

1. What’s the Plan?

2. Raid on Gralea

3. Daemons – Heart of Evil

4. Daemons – Eternal Darkness

5. FINAL FANTASY XV – World of Wonder

6. Braver

7. Easy Rider

8. Gone

9. EZ Dub & Bass

10. Gliding Along

11. Arroyo Bello

12. Afrosword

13. Party Around the World

14. Ravus’s Last Moments

15. War of the Astrals

16. Shiva’s Wish

17. True Love

18. I Promise

19. Moogle Chocobo Carnival!

20. Carnival of Lights

21. Fireworks Finale

22. Vision of the Dawn

23. Your Friendly Neighborhood Assassin

24. Assassin’s Festival

25. Time Well Spent

26. The Hunt

27. Man on a Mission

28. Everything Is Permitted

29. Festival de Chocobo

30. The Murky Depths

31. Trident

32. A Convergence of Winds

33. Welcome Home

34. Eosian Glory

35. Reel Rumble – MONSTER of the DEEP

36. Reel Rumble – WHOPPER of the DEEP

37. Go for the Gold!

38. In Search of Adventure

39. Reel Rumble – DAEMON of the DEEP

40. Into the Abyss

41. Trident – The Ancient Scourge

42. A Narrow Escape

43. Welcome Home – Journey’s End


More info in the PDFA Story of Kings_ a tribute to Final Fantasy XV.pdf






A Story of Kings_ a tribute to Final Fantasy XV.pdf

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I personally love this idea and think some of us should revive the project. The Clever would probably be my first choice of the official kings (I like his design for one thing). I'm not sure what themes or style would fit him though. I confess I'm a huge Yoko Shimomura and Kingdom Hearts fan but haven't finished FFXV. 


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5 hours ago, Ronald Poe said:

I personally love this idea and think some of us should revive the project. The Clever would probably be my first choice of the official kings (I like his design for one thing). I'm not sure what themes or style would fit him though. I confess I'm a huge Yoko Shimomura and Kingdom Hearts fan but haven't finished FFXV. 


Well, there isn't actually anything more known about The Clever than the wiki you linked says. At least to my knwoledge. So, since he is a very smart one and "well versed in the arts", maybe something that sounds 'intellectual' would fit? Maybe something that sounds a bit like classical music, maybe even with a little harpsichord going on. But thats just an idea. Btw you should really finish that game, it's amazing ;) 

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I agree that the Episode Ignis theme should be incorporated into my theme for The Clever. I can't decide on another piece to incorporate or be a base for it. I also love the idea of a classical sounding melody for the remix.

Also that transcription of "Cosmogony" is pretty good.

Edited by Ronald Poe
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I admit I'm still trying to decide the tracks to remix. I'm probably doing the Clever but might do the Conqueror as well. I can't think of track that fit the Clever (except the Episode Ignis Theme) or the Conqueror though. Got any suggestions? Once the tracks have been decided, I can start a track.

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