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  1. Hey folks, I wanted to share a recent piece of mine with you because I thought you might enjoy it. It is inspired by the OST from Skyrim^^
  2. Yeah, I really like this too! Nice how you build suspense by withholding the melody and only playing parts at a time. Drum rhythms also pretty tight
  3. Welcome to the forum! Your track is noce to listen to, but maybe try some reharmonisations, different instruments and more contrast between sections in general
  4. Yes, works now! Really like the beginning! After that maybe a little more variety in harmony, drums, instruments?
  5. Should probably fix your link, since it's not set to public.
  6. Yes, what do you have in mind? Well, maybe the Theme from Episode Ignis since he is also clever Maybe even the chocobo theme?
  7. As for the project: Since there are 13 royal weapons / kings mentioned plus Noctis and The Accursed in the game, we could at least have a 15 track album. @GSO Would you still be up for it?
  8. Well, there isn't actually anything more known about The Clever than the wiki you linked says. At least to my knwoledge. So, since he is a very smart one and "well versed in the arts", maybe something that sounds 'intellectual' would fit? Maybe something that sounds a bit like classical music, maybe even with a little harpsichord going on. But thats just an idea. Btw you should really finish that game, it's amazing
  9. I too think this would be a cool project! Would also be interested in participating
  10. Hey folks, having some trouble mixing a piano duo. Especially when it comes to panning. Normally a piano is panned corresponding with where the higher and lower keys on the keyboard are, so you hear everything from the players perspective. But how to do it with two pianos? Leaving them both centered is weird, bc it basically feels like the 2 pianos are in the same spot. Simply Panning them a bit L and R is also weird bc then it is some kind of unnatural overlap and basically the same as leaving them centered. Should I put them in 2 Mono channels and pan the a bit L and R? Would that
  11. Hey Ben, really nice arrangement! You would certainly benefit greatly from higher quality samples
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