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  1. Yo, check this out: So, I tried to make something with synths and piano. Feedback is appreciated!
  2. Hey there, I made this some time ago, thought I might also share it. I basically took the well known Pallet Town Theme and made some Piano Variations in the Style of 18th century composer Joseph Haydn. Enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated.
  3. So, I tried composing a piano piece and this came out: What do you think? Appreciate any Feedback
  4. I can really imagine it as travelling Music! There are a few rhythmic inaccuracies and sometimes the left Hand maybe is a little too loud and overshadows the melody imo. But the arrangement is really nice
  5. Hey, I'm currently working on a new mix and would like your feedback on what I have so far. My Remix: Original: Thanks for listening
  6. I'm really glad you like it You are right. I will add some more expression to that section. Actually, the aprupt ending was somewhat on purpose. Firstly because I composed this with some kind of a program (as in program music), which maybe i should post here too : D Plus, I didnt want to make it too long, because in my expereince people rather tend to listen to shorter pieces. Maybe I also ran out of ideas for furher sections... A friend of mine also told me this sounded a bit like Tchaikovsky, but I honestly never listened to that piece until now. However, i can see the similarities, andi think they are mostly because of the melody (maybe Junichi Masuda got "inspired" by Tchaikovsky ) I mostle use libraries from CineSamples because they're high quality and not completely unaffordable because of their bundles and the educational discount of 50% which im able to get. But there is also some Kontakt Factory Library Stuff in there. Im thankful for every bit of feedback - thanks!
  7. Here is an updatet version. I figured my mix was too quiet relative to other tracks, so i made it louder (and some other minor changes):!An7aSJP0aIpCkgKv84NFpSHlgybN
  8. Hello, after posting my first remix here not long ago I tried to use your feedback and made a second one. I kept this in a more classical style. What do you think? Sources from the Game: - Prof Oaks Theme: - Prof Oaks Lab:
  9. Thank you for your Reviews! Heres my updated Version (hope there is an improvement): I tried to remove those resonances. Actually im quite surprised by how many disturbing resonances i found and i wouldnt have heard them if would not have pointed them out to me. Guess I dont have the ears for it yet. I also softened the brass and tried reduce the mud, aswell as make my strings more realistic. Not sure if I succeeded. And i cut the harp. As String Samples i used 8dio Adagietto Strings and even some Kontakt Factory Library stuff. What better string samples would you recommend?
  10. So here is my first Remix, but I think ist not so bad Do you like it? How is the Instrumentation and mixing? Any Feedback is appreciated. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! The Original:
  11. I got some inspiration from Star Trek, hence the Title Feedback is greatly apreciated!
  12. Hey. I like it. Could be background Music for a retro game cutscene or something like that